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Volume 3,  Number 23              July 13 - 19, 2003            Quezon City, Philippines


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Special Report

Unrest in the Labor Front Hightens

The Philippine labor front heats up as strikes and protests intensify 

 Photo courtesy of Ang Manggagawa

Contrary to claims by the labor department, the labor front continues to be restive. Thousands of workers have been on strike in many companies, the most recent being SM Mart, Inc., Rustan’s, RFM and the Manila Midtown Hotel in Metro-Manila; and Nestle in Laguna. Strikes have also hit General Offset Press, Speedway, Interbay and LCE.

Bulatlat.com is posting recent reports about labor strikes and signs of widespread workers’ dissatisfaction in many parts of the country. As workers strike more are junked off the thinning lines of employed and the bigger army of unemployed is just growing that government claims of an economic turnaround are just simply idle talk to the labor sector. 

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Davao:  Mindanao’s Modern-Day Slaves                                                           


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