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Reactions to “Remembering Braveheart”

I’m Ida, Isaias’ girlfriend. My grief is deep and at times seemingly unbearable. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of the braveness and commitment of my love to continue struggling even as he

knew the danger he was in, and the thought that we are many to continue the march towards justice. 

He only reached 23. We just started to plan our future together. Now, upon reading this article, I realize Isaias was greater than I actually understood while he was still alive. I love him endlessly, and I know he loved me. And he loved the people so much he was willing to risk his life fighting for the rights of others. That makes me love him even more.  (May 23, 2004)

We needed this article. Salamat. 


Mataimtim na pabaon sa isang bayani ng ating panahon.  Ang artikulo, sa palagay ko, ay kabilang sa mga klasiko ng peryodismong nakikibaka ng kabataan.  Magaan at maluwag ang pagkakasulat kaya't madaling maisaloob ng mambabasa.  Ang pagkakahanay ng mga detalye ay nagpapahiwatig ng buong-pusong pagsanib ng manunulat sa bayaning pinaksa ng artikulo.   (May 23, 2004)


Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera


Thanks for informing me about who Isaias Manano Jr was and why he was murdered on April 28. My heart goes out to the writer and all the friends and family of Isaias. 

We will continue our efforts to expose the assassination program of the Arroyo government in Mindoro. (May 23, 2004)

In solidarity 

Peter Murphy
<> is a newly-founded website dedicated to bring forward, in the information highway, the Filipino people's struggle for national freedom and democracy in the Philippines. finds that your commitment to outstanding, insightful, and honest coverage is what real responsible journalism is all about.  Your news and articles are reflective of the genuine life and struggles of the Filipino people and thus deserve to be projected in the widest coverage possible. would like to solicit permission from to regularly post some or selected news and articles from your site to will be very glad to credit the writers and publisher of these articles as soon as this request is granted and the posting becomes possible. is very pleased as well to advertise in its website through permanent links, banners or sections, depending on's preference. will highly appreciate's consideration of this request. 

Thank you very much. (May 23, 2004)

For the Filipino people,


Abused OFWs 

I am an OFW working in a US hospital. I read about the abuses of the Filipinos in Saudi. I hope that their families will also fully understand how hard it is to work abroad and they should know how and where to invest, budget and have a plan on how to spend the hard-earned money. Please, please save and spend very very wisely. (May 17, 2004)


Is There An AKBAYAN-AFP-Palace Conspiracy? 

I belong to AKBAYAN. I deeply regret that you published stories full of accusations against my party. It's really unfair to associate AKBAYAN to "state-directed fraud and terrorism" bluntly. AKBAYAN firmly adheres to democratic pluralism. It is not our policy to keep any group from gaining a voice in the parliament, so long as its ways are within legal and moral bounds. It's very unfair for every democracy-loving member in my party to be accused of taking part in the "systematic plan of the Macapagal-Arroyo administration and the military to deny the six party-list groups of their hard-earned victories." 

I challenge ANAKPAWIS, ANAK NG BAYAN, and other "progressive parties" crying foul to produce evidences linking us to the AFP-PNP's anti-"progressive parties" operations. If not, AKBAYAN's name deserves to be stricken off the "order of battle" of these six "progressive groups." 

And to You are described by your readers as outstanding and insightful. I may agree with them. But one thing is lacking. Are you balanced in presenting facts and sides? (May 18, 2004)

Dong B. Calmada

Election results now! 

We want to know the election results specially the gubernatorial race. Sana bulatlatin ninyo ang lahat na kasamaan ng mga taong matakaw sa kapangyarihan (I hope you expose all the evils of those who are greedy for power). Keep up the good work, and we await more news. (May 18, 2004)

Orlando Bautista

Militant greetings 

Hi to Mr. Bobby Tuazon. You are really a best writer. We personally met somewhere in Cavite. Keep up the good work. 

To Bulatlat writers, ISANG TAAS KAMAONG PAGPUPUGAY SA INYO! (May 18, 2004)

Dodi ccvpnxya

On Donato Continente, Political Prisoner 

Amazing article! I was fortunate enough to speak with Donato Continente in 1997 when I was still in Miriam College and immediately established a connection with him.  He told me the story back then and as soon as I saw the article it brought back the same feeling of disgust towards the people in power in the Philippines. 

This article is a motivation for me and I hope for everyone who reads it to be aware and help in the struggle for freedom. I have never met anyone as free as Donato Continente I guess the cliche is true "When the body is confined, the mind is free" 

Mabuhay ang Filipino (Long live the Filipino)! (May 15, 2004)

John Garcia

Hoping for the recovery of Tatay Pido 

We are sad to hear about the shooting of Tatay Pido.  We are hoping that he recovers soon.  (May 13, 2004)

Tessie Wilms
Member, German-Filipino Friendship Organization

Wounds of Tatay Pido 

“Tatay Pido” Gonzales --- provincial chairman of the Pambansang Lakas ng Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (PAMALAKAYA), Pamalakaya national vice-president, and the provincial president of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) --- sustained four gunshot wounds from .45 caliber pistols. He was shot in the nape and the bullet exited his right cheek; one bullet grazed his cheek, another his chest. He was also shot twice in the leg, and one bullet entered his stomach. He was rushed to the Gumaca Regional Hospital, a public hospital and later on transferred to the San Diego Memorial Hospital. His condition is now relatively stable, and doctors are highly optimistic of his chances for full recovery. (May 13, 2004)

Ina Silverio

Good photos of May 1 rally 

Very refreshing photo of May 1 rally participants dipping their feet into the fountain of the Liwasang Bonifacio monument. I wish there were some kids who, instead of dipping their feet, could have dunked their heads into the fountain because of the intense heat. 

I have seen so many photos of people cooling off in beaches, under the coconut trees, by the river, etc., but none can really beat your photo of the week (May 4, 2004). 

Hope you have more photos of activists or protesters that bring forth smiles or laughter from the readers.  (May 4, 2004)

Rita Baua

Reaction to thesis of Anticipatory Self-Defense by Peter Mark

I am currently working on my doctoral thesis at the University of Lagos Nigeria and I recently read your article on anticipatory self-defense and though I agree that the principle is susceptible to a subjective interpretation, it leaves countries like the United States who face very credible threats of terrorist attacks at the mercy of international politics. How can the world expect the USA to leave the safety of its citizens to a body like the Security Council which famously takes its time to arrive at decisions after several compromises and arm twisting? I know it will lead to anarchy if nations are able to determine when an attack is imminent and strike but isn’t it more dangerous to give terrorists a free rein because they are certain the world bodies concerned will not take action at the appropriate time? (May 4, 2004)

Oghogho Makinde
35 Moloney Street, Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: 234-1-260-0080/4, 234-1-264-6121/2
Facsimile: 2341-263-2249, 234-1-264-7505
Mobile: 234-803-402-8360

Repression of progressive Party-list Groups 

The “communist” label to legitimate progressive party-list groups is an act of cowardice by the AFP. Palace officials are afraid that these groups will occupy seats in the Congress because their presence would hinder the implementation of the imperialist-authored socio-economic and political policies in the Philippines. Exposing the issues that confront the country is actually a genuine act. Uphold the rights of the progressive partly-list groups! Stop political repression and abductions! (April 28, 2004) 

Reaction to 20 Questions for Bush 

Very interesting questions.  However, part of the 8/6/01 briefing has been released, so you might want to update that question. (April 27, 2004)

Robert Murphy

American interested in CPP-NPA 

I only wish I was in Boston when Mr. Jose Maria Sison gave this speech. I just graduated from the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA, where I studied for two years US imperialism/foreign policy, revolutions, and liberation movements. I am currently reading a book called "Red Revolution, Inside the Philippine Guerrilla Movement" by American journalist Gregg R. Jones. It as published in 1989 by Westview Press. It's a little dated so I am wondering what's happening with CPP and NPA now? How did Mr. Sison come to be a professor in the Netherlands?  Are the NPA gaining support now? I went to the Philippines and studied independently one year ago. I wished I could've interviewed the NPA but it would have been pretty dumb for some blond American to go marching into the mountains of Palawan looking for the NPA. I am interested in the Philippines, specifically the historic connections between the US and the Philippines. It's wonderful to come across online journals such as these.  It's obviously essential to be able to hear both sides to every story.  Too frequently do articles such as this remain unread. (April 26, 2004)

Diana Henion    

On the MV Explorer 

This story should be brought out in the open. Nobody knows about the details of this "accident".  There ought to be some venue to bring this out! 

Francisco J. Colayco

What’s happening to Bulatlat? 

Yuck! Bulatlat is posting an interview with this embedded *&%$^ who won the Pulitzer price because of her photograph’s propaganda value. What happened to you guys? (April 19, 2004)


Three-part article on imperialism 

I read the second and third parts of your 3-part article on US Imperialism (from May 2003). It was an excellent article. I would like to read the first part, but when I tried to access it, I got a dead link. I would very much like to read it. Parts 1 and 2 make reference to a number of figures that do not appear on the pages. I would like very much to see any figures associated with this article. 

I am a scholar of International Relations, concentrating in a World Systems/Regulationist approach to International Political Economy. I find Mr. Quintos' writing very insightful and I would be interested in contacting him directly. If you could provide me with contact information for Mr. Quintos I would very much appreciate it. (April 6, 2004)

Andrew Hoffman

A society suffering from extreme apathy 

The result of apathy is lawlessness, a society and a country going down the brink of chaos and mob rule.  This is a country that is quickly losing the right to exist as a sovereign country worthy of respect of other LAW ABIDING countries.  Criminals are at large in the Philippines.  The worst criminals are in control of the government.  Why such helplessness?  (April 8, 2004) 

CPP and NDF not terrorists, but… 

I don't believe that the CPP and NDF are terrorists but I don’t believe in what they are fighting for. Let’s face it. The Philippines will never be a communist state. Filipinos are born to be free and cannot subscribe to a Stalinist way of living. I was just wondering if any of the young Filipinos that you recruited to go along your protest, march etc. knows what a communist Philippine life will be. Well, I do because I lived that life and I didn't like it. My grandfather was active for a long time. I pray to God for the end of this conflict but I don't think that the peace will come from you. My family suffered from your hands. I will wait for the end of the communist Philippines just like Berlin and Moscow. You're not worthy of my tears. I’ll see you in the end. Reply if you have the guts. (April 5, 2004)


More updates, please! 

Militant greetings! Right now I'm here in Italy on some sort of vacation. Thank you very much for the message. I really want more updates coming from our country. I was once an activist in my university campus and I really miss it, especially the democratic forms of fighting and beyond. Keep it up at patuloy sa walang hanggang pakikibaka. I salute Bulatlat! (April 10, 2004)

Maria Fe Fillalan

FPJ or the Queen of Taray? 

FPJ has been showing his true colors during this campaign.  Who would want to have a bully as president of RP?  On the other hand, the other leading candidate is not only the Queen of Taray, but is no better than the gambling drunk she replaced. (April 2, 2004)

Filipinos deserve better. 

Adelbert S. Batica
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Feature AKAPIN Also! 

Your news clips featured only two party-list groups. How about the others who quietly work on their platforms?  I believe you could also feature the Alyansa ng May Kapansanang Pinoy (AKAPIN) which is working for the rights of the differently abled specially on the occasion of the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta for the Disabled last March 24. (Mar 26, 2004) 

Atty. Jessica Siquijor
Nominee, AKAPIN partylist


Congratulations on your Third Year Anniversary celebration. Indeed, Bulatlat writers and staff  must be credited for their investigative reporting and for inspiring us all to work together for national liberation, justice, freedom and democracy. 

Mabuhay Kayong Lahat. (Feb. 1, 2004)

Edwin Mercurio
Toronto, Canada

Davao Death Squad

Well, actually, how can local authorities stop the said "Davao Death Squad" from killing the said-to-be criminals of Davao City when it is considered or should I say the local authorities considered these vigilantes as an arm to eliminate the city's criminals!  (Jan. 28, 2004)



I found your piece on US intervention in the Philippines, on the whole, accurate and enlightening. But for future reference, allow me to point out a minor error: 

Diego Garcia is not American but rather British. The British allow the Americans use of that island and the U.S. has a small military contingent stationed there. I was formerly assigned at Subic Bay during my Navy days in the early 1970's. I have a friend who was assigned at Diego Garcia for awhile. Yes, I'm an American by birth and citiizenship. But having been educated at the University of the Philippines (I graduated in 1986) and having lived here for more than 22 years, I appreciate your viewpoint.  

I invite you to read my piece in the Philippines Free Press under the headline "Policies That Work" that was published in the 29 August 2003 issue. You might like to comment on it.  (Jan. 28, 2004)


Gary L. Satre

Remembering the Mendiola Massacre 

I was there too. I saw when they started firing. 'Till this day, I will never forget. To Itoy, I am glad you made it, and for who did not, you are the true hero. (Jan. 27, 2004)



During the term of my father, former PTV-4 Network Manager, Ramy Diez, he was cirticized by some sectors for being strict in the implementation of fiscal control/security measures, changes he made in the management policies, projects that he undertook, the termination of some employees, etc., but looking back, I now realize the importance of such decisions.  

I always saw my father as some kind of "berdugo" , even during the time of Minister (Greg) Cendaña when he undertook a massive reorganization of the then ailing MBS-4 and National Media Production Center. I hated him for having fired friends and officemates (I was a technician with the NMPC at the time) and putting me in a bad situation.  

But they were necessary moves. My father took on the task of rebuilding PTV-4 after Dodie Limcauco's lackluster (sorry, Dodie) term. The station was plagued with all sorts of problems at the time, from a teetering tower threatenin to fall on the Bureau of Soils building to Marcos-vintage VTR machines.  

Armed with more than 40 years of radio and TV broadcast experience, my father upgraded the technical facilities, improved the network's nationwide performance and made it productive again.  

My father was by all means no saint but in his whole term as Press Undersecretary, RTVM Chief and later Network Manager, he has never allowed us, his children to abuse the power that came with his position. He never saw eye to eye with then PTNI chairwoman Lulu Illustre but they worked well together and did a good job at that. 

After the Ramos administration, we rejoiced the appointment of Jun Jison, a distinguished media man but that was short-lived due to his failing health.  

The real start of the downfall was when people of the Erap administration and his relatives began turning PTV into their cash cow.  

 The Arroyo administration's gang may not be corrupt but their obvious lack of expertise, inefficiency and stupidity will surely cause its untimely demise. 

I praise the PTEA for taking action now.

It is time to stop the bleeding.  

The station's management should look back and restudy it's original mission and vision as a real government television station.   (Jan. 26, 2004)

Ramon P. Diez, Jr.
Manager for Broadcast and TV Production
Destiny Cable and Satellite   


Just a quick note to let you know that I find this article "In 2003, Arroyo May Create More Jobs, But…" written by Danilo Arao very informative and insightful. I used the data presented in a paper that I'm doing for my class on women and development. (Jan. 24, 2004)

Thank you very much and more power,

Mavic Cabrera-Balleza

Looking for quality education

Obviously you're based in Manila. Marami pang paghihirap dito with regards sa education and the fact that no less than CHED said we have to prepare to pay to get quality education. Sa primary and secondary level here in Bicol there are still schools that RENT OUT textbooks, that's how poor they go. Some only orders textbooks according to the number of students who can afford to buy. You have to go to the city schools to get quality education, the rest is what you see is what you get. I hope our country will get to the level na even public schools sa provinces can rival private schools with sincere government support. I hope also it materializes in my lifetime or my children's. (Jan. 23, 2004)

Ritz Zialcita

Gov't must act now

If we cannot clean up a small oil spill in the world famous Apo reef, and if this can happen there, what more the accidents caused by mine tailings, deforestation and destruction of our environment.

Government must act on this now and not wait.

We call on the DENR and other government agencies. (Jan. 22, 2004)

In solidarity, 

Ecological Society of the Philippines
Antonio M. Claparols

I'm one of the administrators at I thought it would be nice to introduce myself seeing as were both in this to support a mutual cause.  

I think what your doing is significant and I also think that we could help each other. If you could post a Link to on your site I would be more than happy to return the favor.

Note: is operated by the Take Back America Fund. The site receives approximately 60,000 visits a day. is a non-profit site. It's primary goal is to allow people to securely make contributions over the internet. 

Thanks for your time. (Jan. 19, 2004)


Dustin Simmons

Retired red fighter


To everyone working at and for us millions miles away from home, thank you so much, you feed our hungry soul with important news and information's back home. Tears and fist full of rage running into my guts and remembering the suffering of our people, for those who up there, fighting on the hill and mountains, I salute you. Hoping one day we all be free. No one can take away that Hope, that is all we have. One day when my child grew up, I will tell her stories about the what great heroes for who chose to die to fight for freedom rather than to be slave.

Salute you all comrades. (Jan. 18, 2004)

Retired Red Fighter  

Re water crisis article

Water sources belong to the state and should not be privatized.  (Jan. 18, 2004)  

Insane alumni

Thank you so much for all these news.  

I used to be a professor of political science in Diliman, the same university that has been degraded by the insane actuations of many of its alumni. I subscribe to many Yahoo lists also and we exchange information in cybersspace in our desire to do something about our miserable situation. (Jan. 3 2004)

Cesar Torres, San Francisco Bay Area

Least racism in Canada


All immigrants when you come to any country in the world suffers from all forms of racism, Canada is no exception to racism. In the the early 30's and after the 2nd world war, Irish, Polish, Italians, Ukrainians, etc.....suffered from the same problem all immigrants are encountering even today...It is still true that Canada is one of the very few countries in the world where you can still walk anywhere in every city in the 10 provinces of Canada anytime, without fear of getting mugged or shot.


What happened in Vancouver is of crime of hatred, because it was done by another racial group, called Indo Canadian group (Asian Indians, Sri Lankans, etc...). The Canadian Press called them this name Indo Canadians, because they don't want to upset this group as they are VERY strong Politically. In the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Asian Indians serving this outfit can wear Turbans, students are carrying Kirphan (dagger or knife) because they say it's for religious reason. When they first came to Canada, the first thing they did was to be strong. Politically, in other words they VOTE as one. It is proven that all politicians that tried to control them or adhere to Canadian Laws went down to defeat during elections. What was done? The assholes that these groups of people voted changed these Canadian Laws ( provincial and federal).


There was an incident here in Toronto, Ontario where a Filipino shot a Sri Lankan during a party only about last September 2003.  Again the victim was described as Indo Canadian and the Filipino, Filipino...


I came to Canada ( Toronto ) in 1970 when I was 17 years old and I did not suffer any form of racism in school or outside of school, there were only 4 Filipino students in my school ( Jarvis Collegiate) at the time. For the last 15 years schools here (elementaries and high schools) the white students are outnumbered by students of immigrant descent  (Chinese, Filipinos, Jamaicans, Sri Lankans, Russians, Kenyans, etc...), and there is more violence that ever before.


Canada is no exception when it comes to racial or any forms of violence, at least we have the LEAST racism or violence of any country in the world. (Jan. 2, 2004)


Ray Santos

IT, Computer Operations,


Corporation of the City of Toronto.

703 Don Mills rd..

Tel# 416-397-7561


Filipinas, The movie

I watched the movie before the awards night and I had wished the jurors would choose this as the best story and everyone in the cast deserves an award. Am happy with the outcome of the awarding night. I just wish more viewers would see this film. (Jan. 1, 2004)


Genevieve B. Fellizar 

Shining example

Surfing in the internet I have found just now your article about Pedro Dungoc (written by Arthur Allad-iw of Nordis).

I remember Pedro very well, as I have stayed overnight 2 times in his  house in Bugnay. He was a very hospitable and helpful man. When I was  his guest he told me, that he is a teacher in his barrio Bugnay.  Other Filipino friends of mine told me, what has happened with Pedro in the  night, when Macliing was murdered by a group of soldiers. I was very sad  about the murder of Macliing on April 24, 1980 and very happy on the other  hand at the same time, that Pedro was able to survive.  Sometime in summer 1985 I was told that also Pedro Dungoc was killed by an accident. But I didn't know the details how this happened until now as I read your article.

When I stayed the last time in Bugnay together with some friends we celebrated a peace pact among Bugnay and my home village Benediktbeuern. This was in 1979 and it was also the last time that I met Macliing Dulag and talked with him.

I highly respect my friends Macliing Dulag and Pedro Dungoc for what they both did for the rights of the Bugnay people, the Kalinga people and all the Cordillera people. I will never forget them. Even if I live in Germany and very far from Bugnay and Kalinga and the problems which we have to solve in my country are very different, Pedro and Macliing are and will remain shining examples for my own doing. I'm a councilor of my home village Benediktbeuern since more the 15 years and so I know how difficult it sometimes is to do and cause the best for a rural commune.

Please extend my best wishes to the people of Bugnay, if you are able to do this. Unfortunately my physical condition didn't allow it for years to come again to the Philippines and to Bugnay. But I'm hopeful that this will change and I will be able to come again to meet with this strong, heroic and unswerving people. (Dec. 30, 2003)

Very truly yours,

Otto Gion
Praelatenstr. 32, D-83671 Benediktbeuern, Germany
Tel.-No.: 0049-8857-9695, eMail:

Anti-war Filipino legislators

This resolution by peace-loving Filipino legislators should be sent to U.S. legislators who oppose this imperialist war in Iraq.  This would let them (U.S.) know there are others who stand with them in solidarity. Too bad there are so few U.S. legislators who share an anti-imperialist vision. (Dec. 27, 2003)

Tim McGloin

Tacloban radio station

Bombo Radyo-Tacloban is the 2nd radio station owned by Bombo Radyo Broadcasting Company which was shut down right after forming a union. The reason is not new. Income losses was the same reason used by the government when they shut-down WSM-FM in Manila, now Star-FM. I absoluteley agree with the union organizers that the move by the management is a blatant union busting. They should fight all they to the end. Bombo Radyo-Tacloban is not the only provincial radio station managed by Bombo Radyo that gives meager salaries. As a former employee based in Manila, I would say 80 percent of their employees are paid a little over minimum wage. However a lot of these people are working 10 to12 hours a day, sometimes seven days a week without overtime-pay. (Dec. 25, 2003)

Jeffrey Ohms

The poor's future

Well, we can't blame our government for what had happen to our fellow countrymen since it's really hard to attend to their needs knowing the fact that our country is facing complex problems. iIbelieve that we make our own future and as citizens, we must not always depend on the government, we must make our own step in fighting poverty. Thus, in the end we will be benefited. All I can say is that we must have self-discipline and we must work hard in shaping our future...I'm not blaming the homeless for I think they are also victims of wrong governance. But if we will always depend on our government, well, we'll end to nothing. (Dec. 22, 2003)


On ex-Navy Capt. Vizmanos

It was very good !  I luved it!

Make more articles based on Danilo Vizmanos. (Dec. 7, 2003) 

"Dan Mark" 

Well-written HR report

Greetings of justice and peace! 

We would like to thank you and commend you for the well-written article on the real human rights situation of the country: "The Philippine Human Rights Situation: A Grim Reality" by Ms. Dabet Castañeda. 

However, we would like to point out certain corrections on the article made.  

1) It was pointed out that two of the nursing political detainees were captured along with their children in February.

 - All three nursing mothers gave birth inside Jail - Zeny gave birth in February this year. Irene, in September 2001 and Lyn-lyn in July this year. All of them are still incarcerated in jail with their babies. 

2) The updated political prisoners statistics (as of Nov.15) indicate that there are a total of 308 detainees all over the country, not 330 as mentioned in your article.

Thank you very much and more power! (Dec. 2, 2003)

Yours truly, 

Girlie Padilla
Documentation Officer 

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