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Volume 2, Number 33              September 22 - 28,  2002            Quezon City, Philippines

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Hands Off the Communist Party of the Philippines!

The Leading Committee of the Revolutionary Marxist Organization A/synechia

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We denounce to the Greek and world people the new provocative decision of the USA and certain European governments, to include the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army in their shameful "anti"-terrorist lists. The attempt to label as "terrorist" a movement that defends the rights of the people, applies unswervingly the international law concerning the respect of the civilian population and of the POWs, and observes a most humanitarian attitude that is recognized even by its enemies, will not succeed! The attempt to demonize and exterminate a movement with deep roots among the working people, the youth, the intellectuals, the peasantry and the national minorities of the Philippines, will not succeed!

We condemn the escalating "diplomatic" and military intervention of the USA in the Philippines, that is now openly directed against the revolutionary movement as well as against the legal democratic mass movement of the Philippines' people - a movement that is struggling since decades for the national and social liberation of the country. We furiously condemn the murders, "disappearances" and other barbaric attacks against dozens of militants and civilians, members or supporters of the legal party Bayan and of the progressive social organizations of the Philippines by the government military and police forces and the paramilitary gangs. We condemn in the most unequivocal way the non-respect of humanitarian law and international conventions by the US-Macapagal-Arroyo regime in the conflict with the New People's Army and the revolutionary movement.

We denounce the total subordination of the Dutch and British governments, up to now, to the demands of the USA, as it is expressed by their decision to "freeze" the bank accounts of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and of known leaders, such as Jose Maria Sison. We underline that these persons are legally living in Europe as political refugees covered by the relative European and international conventions, and are members of the internationally recognized NDFP negociating panel in the peace talks with the government of the Philippines, that are sponsored by the Norwegian government. We denounce the escalating pressure towards the other governments of the member states of the EU, to comply with the demands of the USA.

A few days before the first anniversary of the 11th September attack against the USA, it is now crystal-clear to even the most "unsuspicious" citizen that the real target of the so-called "anti-terrorist campaign" of the imperialist forces is no else than the progressive and revolutionary movement. The real targets are the peoples of the whole world that are struggling for Bread-Work-Independence and Dignity.  The global reactionary attack aims at the subordination and enslavement of the peoples in favor of a tiny minority that exploits and terrorizes the whole planet. But one thing is sure: this arrogant effort of imposition of a planetic dictatorship will founder on the peoples' resistance, that becomes more and more active in tens of countries all over the earth!

Athens-Greece, 1st September 2002  

(Published in the journal "Aristera!" of 7 September 2002) 


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