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Volume 2, Number 5              March 10 - 16,  2002                   Quezon City, Philippines

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Sovereignty, too


February 2, 2002

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US President George W. Bush’s recent “If they will not act, America will” statement should be warning enough for those who want terrorist groups like the Abu Sayyaf defeated but love the Philippines at the same time.

The Bush threat, issued against countries that are supposedly harboring terrorist groups like Iran, Iraq and North Korea, should be a cause of concern for Filipinos, too, despite our government’s effort to be hospitable to US troops.

It shows that the Americans are not shy about trampling other country’s independence and disrespecting its laws if they feel that its elected leaders are not dancing the required dance in the fight against perceived US enemies...

It is doubtful whether the Filipinos’ willingness to allow Americans in would include giving them free rein to do what it wants in the country, even at the expense of our national pride and dignity.

In this sense, it can be pointed out that while security-or crushing the terrorist threat-is the main issue now, the matter of sovereignty should not lag behind.

Unless we are really serious in making the Philippines a state of the US.  Bulatlat.com

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