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Volume 3,  Number 39               November 2 - 8, 2003            Quezon City, Philippines

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US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now

Interviews by Jay Shaft
The Coalition For Free Thought In Media

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CFTM Editors Note: I have been getting an extreme amount of hate mail from people calling me a liar and saying I made these articles up out of thin air. I can deal with attacks on me and slander directed at me. What I cannot tolerate is all those who claim to be vets and serving soldiers who attack these brave men, call them cowards, and smear their names with hate and slander. These men were extremely brave and I believe they are true heroes for having the courage to speak out, knowing the military could come after them and make their lives a living hell. If you want to spout any hatred, then direct it towards me, not these brave soldiers who are standing up for what they believe is right.

I had the unique opportunity to interview five US military servicemen who just got back from Iraq, or in the case of two men, corresponded with their wives so that I could ask questions of these soldiers by mail. When the two I corresponded with came back just last week, I was able to complete the interviews I started several months ago with some new details on how the war is actually going.

I was shocked and angered at how bad it really has become when I found out how many of the service men hate being in Iraq and want nothing to do with rebuilding and policing the devastated nation. From the conversations I had, many soldiers never wanted to go over to Iraq and fight, and the ones who had were now convinced of the awful crime that had been committed against Iraq and our own troops. I was told very few soldiers now believe in staying in Iraq, or want to stay in the country and serve any more days.

The following interview is with an enlisted man who has not been in the military that long. He is not really mad at Bush or the leaders and he does not want to get out of what he sees as his duty to serve in Iraq. I had to get the voice of a normal soldier that was for the most part happy with his duty and obligation to is country. He is mad that his buddies have been killed, and had never seen any combat death before Iraq. He is upset by reports of poor treatment of reservists that have been wounded, and is suffering the low morale that is dominating most of the military in Iraq.

He wanted to get the job done and go back to the school and training the military was sending him through. Now he is stuck in a combat job he never thought he would have. He is afraid his career is going to be spent fighting an enemy he does not know. He has a great hatred for the Iraqis as a people in general, and in particular hates the ones attacking him and his fellow soldiers. It is not just a general dislike of the Iraqis, but a true and burning hatred.

He was very honest and open about his feelings and how he got to this point of frustration and anger at a country that he was told would welcome him with open arms. He is not nice about what he has to say and I will warn you that it is very graphic and disturbing to read at times.

This interview is written in his own words and I have tried to leave it as intact as possible so that his pain and anger can come through to you the reader. I will warn you that the language is very rough and the grammar is not always correct. I have changed nothing that he said, and if any editing had to be done, it was with his knowledge and permission.

I will say that I have taken the liberty of changing some minor personal details and facts so as to better protect his identity and safeguard his family as well. He has gone through enough at the hands of the government to get harassed by anyone who does not like his words or statements.

He has asked to be called MIA in the transcripts and copies of this interview. I find it ironic that he would choose this name after so many Reservists and National Guard have said they will not serve in Iraq, but will go AWOL to escape duty. I do not know if there have been that many who really would go AWOL or not report for duty, but as more formerly retired and inactive reservists are brought back it will be interesting to see if there are any that do go AWOL or refuse to report.

(Note: He said MIA stands for his mind missing in action not the fact that he would go AWOL or not report. I found his mental state to be most unstable although he seemed to be unaware of it.)

I have had several reliable reports that there is an Underground Railroad network being established to safely guide troops who refuse to serve, and their families, to Canada and other countries that would be safe. I find it a remarkable sign of the times that this is not just a rumor, but actually a true fact, and that a railroad would be necessary. During the sixties there were a number of US men who sought refuge in Canada rather than go off to Vietnam to that quagmire of death and unnecessary waste of our young menís lives. Now we face the possibility that there will be a new generation of men and women who will refuse to put their life on the line and run to another country for safety and freedom.

It is a fact that the conscientious objectors that have publicly come out from within the ranks of the military have been punished and persecuted unmercifully. There are several cases that are prominent in the media with the cases of being most in the media. SEEó

Most Americans are still finding it a shock and hard to believe that our military men would speak this openly and in such an anti-US and Bush manner. It is the awful truth that many soldiers are realizing that their deaths are really meaningless and driven by profit and greed of a select group of rich and powerful men. Sadly most of these men profiting form the war are in power on most of Bushís cabinets and advisory committees. Many of the Republican Partyís biggest contributors have close ties to the White House and have received contracts to "rebuild" Iraq.

Our own Vice President Dick Cheney is still getting a $13,000 a MONTH SALARY from his supposedly former employer Haliburton for directing government contracts their way. Because of the large amount of Haliburton stocks he owns he will most likely make millions off the exclusive no bid contracts granted to Haliburton and the huge profits they are assured of reaping.

This record of payoffs and massive power influence and corruption has been documented on a meticulous and exhaustive level, but the main stream media has chosen to ignore these issues for the most part. Check out the leadership of the Defense Policy Council of the Pentagon and you will find it is linked to the Project for a New American Century and the military/industrial complex on all levels.

As you read the next paragraph, if you are not aware of these companies, or have not been exposed to the reports of their level of complete corruption on a massive government connected level, do a Google search on the names. You can check the links I will include at the end of this article for some very eye opening and shocking exposes.

Haliburton, Bechtel, SY Coleman Missile Technologies (the first interim transitional Iraqi leader Jay Garner was the company president before his selection to lead the redevelopment process in Iraq), General Electric (makers of bomb components, missile guidance technology, and the medical machines that were used to x-ray and scan the victims broken bodies after GE technology targets and drops bombs on them), Raytheon, Vinnell Corp, Kellogg Brown and Root, General Dynamics, Boeing, and all the rest of the corporate giants who are raking in the cash at the expense of our troops lives and those of the innocent civilians

The voices of those being most affected, our own demoralized troops, are finally being heard in many media outlets. I had to go with this series and publish it after seeing the fake form letters that were sent out to the newspapers. This is my effort to give the man in the crosshairs of Bushís military industrialization expansion a voice that will echo around the world and tell the true story.

Here now is more truth and reality from the mouth of a man who has been there and is will be fighting the war for years to come if the current projections of how long it will take to stabilize Iraq are correct. It is painful and hard hitting as nothing I have ever had the experience of writing. I have detailed some hard and grim issues in my writing career, but this is my grimmest and most saddening issue I have done so far.

America these are your fighting soldiers, give them the respect of listening to how it really is. They are speaking out, are you listening??????

CFTM -- "Hey how are you doing, nice to meet you. I donít know how you want to do this so weíll start out simple. How long have been in the military?"

MIA -- "I still donít know if I really want to do this. If I want to stop, you wonít be mad at me?"

CFTM -- "No, I will understand completely. Are you sure that you donít want to think about it some more? I can always talk to someone else."

MIA -- "No Iíll try it and se how it goes. I want to talk about it some, but not all of it. I want to be able to stop if it gets too hard for me. I know I will get in trouble for this and I want to be able to duck and cover if you start diging to deep."

CFTM -- "Howís this. You donít have to answer anything you are uncomfortable with, and you can walk away at any time. No one will ever know anything happened. I wonít ever turn you in if thatís what you are afraid of. I would never get guys to talk to me ever again if I gave up anyoneís name."

MIA -- "Okay, well I still donít really believe you, but my wife has been talking to you for a while and she says you are trying to bring us all home. I donít want to hear any of that peace sh.t or any love and hugs bullsh.t out of you! You ainít here to tell me sh.t, I am the one going to do all the talking! Hear me?" (NOTE: I was grabbed by the neck at this point and had a few very scary moments.)

CFTM -- "Hey man take it easy, I just want to get the truth and find out what has been going on with you in Iraq. This is your story not mine, I will not say a word about peace unless itís a question important to this interview."

MIA -- "All right just donít f..k up or Iíll leave and you wonít see me again. I could f..king kick your ass right now and you couldnít do sh.t about it. I am fighting for my country and putting my life on the line. What the f..k are you doing? Protesting my being over there?"

"You protesters make me want to shoot all of you. You can say that sh.t because I am fighting to give you the right to say it. Iím over there fighting and might die and all you hippies are over here making America look like sh.t. The only good thing I can see you doing is trying to bring us back home, but youíre all f..king that up too. F..king hippies, what the f..k do you think you really are going to do?"

"You f..king dumb dipsh.ts donít want us to kill the Iraqis and you donít want the Iraqis to kill us. What the hell are we supposed to do when those rag heads shoot at us or throw grenades at us. You f..king tell me why I shouldnít shoot all those motherf..kers and get it done with. We should just leave and drop a nuke on them. F..k Ďem all."

"Do you know what those ungrateful mother f..kers are doing to us now? We gave them freedom and got rid of Saddam and they want to turn around and kill us. Fuck them sand niggers, all of Ďem are better off dead. I hate all of them and if I could line Ďem up and blow Ďem all away, I would. If we really wanted to make sure the f..kers didnít kill us, we would just start killing their kids until they stopped fighting us."

CFTM -- "Man you canít be serious. Youíre joking right?"

MIA -- "Joking? Hell no Iím not joking! Why the f..k would I joke about something like that? I keep seeing these ungrateful motherf..kers attacking us after we came in and tried to help Ďem. I thought they would thank us for all we did and all they did was try to kill us. Now all of Ďem are trying to kill us and it needs to stop. F..k them all, man we just need to start killing Ďem in mass quantities and then theyíll get the message not to f..k with the US."

"Every time we get out o patrol these f..ks come out of the woodwork and try to snipe us or blow us up. Those coward f..ks keep planting mines in the roads or shooting rockets at us. They canít even stand up and fight like men, got to hit us when our backs are turned. What a bunch of f..king pu..ies not a one with balls."

"Reminds me of you hippie fuckers now that I think about it. You got a problem with that? Huh? Yeah you guys are just them same. Attack a man after heís gone to Iraq and canít defend himself. OHHHHHHHH!!!! Donít kill the Iraqis , donít kill the children, donít fight back, turn the other cheek. You just say you want us to come home to make it look good when you have your pussy protests. You are all a bunch of un-American, communist, terrorist loving bastards! How the f..k can you protest against your own country when we are at war?"

"Man I should kick your f..king hippie, terrorist loving ass! You donít support us at all! If you supported us you would want us to kill every last one of them terrorist camel f..kers. Tell me why I shouldnít kick your ass right now! Give me a good reason why I donít just fuck you up and walk away!"

CFTM -- "I donít need this kind of crap just to get and interview. You can try to kick my ass, but I think Iím going to walk away from you. This isnít worth it. I can talk to someone else who will give me honest answers without threatening me or trying to beat me up. I hope you stay safe, but damn man you make it hard for me to wish you luck."

MIA -- "Hold up man, youíre gonna walk away from me? How the f..k? Come here man, I want to make sure you donít rat me out. Iím just pissed off about all this sh.t that is going on. I swear I wonít kick your ass or anything."

CFTM -- "Look as far as Iím concerned this is over with. I made a mistake when I asked your wife if you would do this. I knew how you felt about protesters, but it didnít really seem dangerous to talk to you. I offered to forget about it earlier and you were the one who wanted to talk. I asked you twice before and you backed out, you could have said no."

MIA -- "Letís get this over with and I want to go home. I wonít hurt you, Iím just upset. You guys think it is all so easy. You carry a sign and try to stop the war, I carry a gun and try not to get shot or blown the f..k up. Iíll talk some more if you want to hear it. I wonít beg you, if you want to go, get the f..k out of here."

CFTM -- "One more threat and I walk! I mean it! I am only trying to help you. I donít want you guys to die, but I donít want any innocent Iraqis to die either. I have a right as an American to believe in that. I think you guys are dying for nothing that is worth your lives. I am going to preach now, and if you donít like it you can go and get fucked. I was trying to be professional and have respect for you, but you arenít even respecting my views or opinions. You keep threatening me and getting crazy, but Iím not doing anything to piss you off."

"I donít get paid to do this or get any monetary reward. I am broke as hell because I write about the truth and the facts that the "real" media wonít ever let me cover. I could make good money being a writer, but I would hate myself for not telling the truth and compromising my own moral standards. I want to tell the whole world and especially the US citizens what you guys are going through. Is that so wrong?"

"I have been trying to get this done for weeks now, I just want to give you a voice that is your own. I donít want to change anything you say or think, just tell it straight up like you said it. Man they donít want you to say stuff like this. It is dangerous for their profits and stops them from keeping America in the dark about what is really going on

MIA -- "Alright I get the point, enough preaching. It wonít change my mind because I know Iím doing the right thing. My country needs me and they will figure out that some sh.t got a little off track with this damn war. I keep hearing my captain saying that hey will fix the mistakes and it is important that we fight the war on terror. We kicked Saddamís ass and we took that whole country over. Prove to me we didnít win and Iíll kiss your ass right now.

"I am just sick of all the heat and sand and bullsh.t. I miss my wife and this was the first time I had ever seen my daughter. She was born while I was over there. I didnít know if I would make it back to see her. That was all I was thinking about when I got the first picture. Was I going to ever be able to make it back home? I didnít really know and it sucked a big dick."

"One of my friends had a kid while he was over there and he got killed a week later. How f..king stupid, what a f..king waste. He could have at least got the chance to go home and see his son. Thatís all he wanted that whole week and he knew he couldnít go home. Then we got in as firefight with some fucking rag heads we never even saw. They hit us from a rooftop ambush and got him right in the neck. He handed me a letter for his daughter and one for his wife. They had blood all over them, but I had to send them off that way. Wow, can you imagine having a last letter from your dad with his blood on it?"

"A lot of guys with families have letters like that. I have one I carry with me everywhere I go. See? Itís already addressed and everything and I got it wrapped in this plastic so that my blood wonít get on it. No matter what I knew my daughter would have a letter from her daddy. She wouldnít ever get the chance to meet me, but at least she would have something."

"I think I am about done with this. I donít want to talk about it anymore. Iíve got to go back in a few days and I have to carry this letter everywhere I go. I wrote a new will while I was back here and I got more insurance for my family to live on. They wonít be able to go for long on the military death benefits, but I think I put enough up so my daughter will be able to go to college."

"Times up man. I will answer one more question. Get it over with."

CFTM -- "One thing I was wondering is how much schooling you have? You talk like you have some college classes. People are going to wonder and I frankly do myself."

MIA -- "Aw shit, it isnít going to make it easier for them to find me is it? Iíve got my first year of college done, and almost my second. I am supposed to go to OCS, but not now. I made really good grades in school and they were supposed to give me a chance to get at least a four-year degree. Now all this sh.t is happening and it is not going to happen. I only had a semester to go to get my AA degree and I got sent over to Iraq."

"I hate that I missed my last semester. I was so close. I want to get this over with in Iraq, and then get back in school. Itís the only way I can ever afford to get a college education. My daughter will never have to worry, I put a trust fund away for her. She wonít have to go in the military."

"Well Iím sick of this sh.t. I have to go see my daughter now. I only have a few days left. Pray for me and support me. F..k that protesting bullsh.t, it wonít bring me home. The only way Iím coming home is if we kill all those rag heads and get it done quick!"

CFTM -- "Thanks for talking to me. I think Iíll keep doing my thing, and you do yours. I will pray for you and all the other soldiers over there. Come home safe!"

October 23, 2003


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