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Volume IV,  Number 9              March 28 - April 3, 2004            Quezon City, Philippines

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Bush Questions

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Please contact both Bush and Cheney at the following email addresses, send them the following list of 20 questions, demand an answer!


Courtesy of a Mr Kelley from the Anti War, Pro Peace mailing list, we have the following list of 20 questions:

1. President Bush, were you arrested for cocaine in 1972 in Harris County, Texas (Houston area)?

2. President Bush, in 1972 did your father arrange to have your cocaine arrest expunged from the records through a judge, a close-acquaintance of your fathers, in exchange for you to perform community service at Project Pool, a Houston inner-city program that mentors youth in poor neighborhoods?

3. President Bush, was your friend from the National Guard, James R. Bath, arrested for cocaine around the same time? Is this why both of your National Guard records show suspensions in 1972 for refusal to submit to annual medical exams? Is this why you were no longer allowed to fly? If so, why did you make up the story that you no longer WANTED to fly?

4. President Bush, do you remember Bill Calhoun from your National Guard duty in Alabama? No one else remembers your serving in the National Guard in Alabama at that time, but "coincidentally" the Republican National Committee suddenly found this Bill Calhoun to vouch for you. Is Mr. Calhoun a paid operative of the Republican Party? Or did he just volunteer to lie to save your reputation?

5. James R. Bath was appointed by your father as a CIA operative in 1976 leasing aircraft in Houston and serving as a liaison between wealthy Arab sheiks (including the Bin Ladens) and American entrepreneurs. According to all sources, Baths company served as a front for the CIA. Before 1976, Bath was broke, according to all accounts. What was it that prompted your father to select James R. Bath in 1976? Did he hold incriminating evidence against you?

6. James R. Bath, representative of wealthy Saudi sheiks, channeled investment money into your first company in 1977, Arbusto Energy Corporation of Midland, Texas. Were you personally acquainted with Salem bin Laden (Osamas brother) and Khalid bin Mahfouz (Osamas brother-in-law) who poured thousands into your first company and millions into your subsequent enterprises?

7. Mr. Bush, how did you profit $880,000 from Harken Energy (your fourth company), when all other investors lost 90%? Why didnt the SEC (under your fathers administration) look into the matter of your sale of stock a week before the stock collapsed?

8. Mr. Bush, how did Harken Energy (who had never explored off-shore) land the contract off Bahrain in 1990 when your father was President of the United States? Who, then, worked up the sweetheart deal under the table?

9. Khalid bin Mahfouz, whose younger sister married Osama bin Laden, was director of the powerful Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia and also served as director of BCCI (Bank of Credit & Commerce International) which laundered money for the CIA under the watch of your father. He was also part of the IRAN-CONTRA scheme (Ollie North) and the savings & loan debacle of the 80s. Mahfouz was also one of your prime investors (through James R. Bath, your Guard buddy) in your 4 failed firms. Khalid bin Mahfouz has also been tagged by the CIA for funneling millions to his brother-in-law, Osama, since the 1980s through 2004. Why, then, are you EXEMPTING Mahfouzs banking activities from being closed down? The 9/11 families especially WANT TO KNOW. (9/11 families are incensed at Bush for exempting these Saudi royals connected to Osama bin Laden.)

10. Why will you not release the August 6, 2001 brief from the CIA (delivered to you personally at Crawford) as part of the 9/11 Investigation? Did the memo not warn that Al Qaeada was planning imminent hijackings flying airliners into American buildings?

11. Mr. President, did you authorize contracting out the gathering of intelligence to a group called OFFICE OF SPECIAL PLANS? Was not this group closely associated with the Republican Party? Did the OFFICE OF SPECIAL PLANS circumvent the use of the CIA for the sole purpose of lending credibility to your pre-conceived notion that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and was poised to use them against the U.S. and its allies? Was there another ulterior motive in contracting OFFICE OF SPECIAL PLANS ($80 million taxpayer money)? Since OSP is a private enterprise, the Congress cannot oversee its operations. Thus, you were free to dismiss any congressional inquiries. Is this correct?

12. Mr. President, who was on staff at the OFFICE OF SPECIAL PLANS? Were they not close to your administration and were part of the formation of PNAC (Project for a New American Century) in 1997? Was not the PNAC determined to invade Iraq regardless if Saddam was there or not even if no WMD existed?

13. Mr. President, did not the PNAC write a policy statement in September 2000 in which they believed a new Pearl Harbor was necessary to rouse Americans to back a war against Iraq?

14. Mr. President, name members of your administration who also serve or have served with the Project for a New American Century (PNAC

15 An organization/business called CARLYLE GROUP, whose members include 3 Bin Laden brothers, your father, James Baker, Frank Carlucci, and several others from your administration, serves as a conduit for weapons sales between major defense contractors and governments all over the world. CARLYLE also rebuilds defense companies both financially and through market availability. Mr. President, you also served with the CARLYLE GROUP 1990-92. Dont you find this organization and its members in conflict of interest since they come directly from high government positions and are now selling weapons systems to those same governments? Dont you find it a conflict of interest when the CARLYLE GROUP advises governments what weapons systems to procure and what strategies to use against potential enemies?

16. Mr. President, were you really born again upon Billy Grahams visit to your fathers summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine? Or was this another ploy to cover your future political aspirations where you foresaw the need to sway the Southern vote to lock up elections?

17. Mr. President, did God really speak to you in 1999 and predict your rise to the presidency? While you were sitting at your mothers church in Houston?

18. Mr. President, did God really direct you to strike Afghanistan, then Iraq, and then turn your attention to the 2004 election? (As you claimed to the Prime Minister Mahmoud Abba of the Palestinians)

According to Abbas, immediately after the peace negotiations Bush said: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them." June 25, 2003 Ha'aretz - Israeli Press Article

19. Mr. President, who were the White House staffers who leaked information to Bob Novak and five other prominent journalists concerning Ambassador Joseph Wilsons wife, Valerie Plame, a CIA operative? Wasnt vengeance their prime motive? Did you or your closest adviser, Karl Rove, have knowledge of the leak at the time, and did you approve?

20. Mr. President, name the company executives who sat down with Vice-President Cheney at the energy policy meetings of early 2001. Was not Ken Lay chief among them? What did they discuss and what were their plans? If Cheney and the energy planners motives were pure, why not release the names and information to the public? Or at least to Congress?

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