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 Vol. 2, No. 25 July 28 - August 3, 2002

Terrified Basilan Woman Swears U.S. Soldier Shot Her Husband By Carlos H. Conde

Sidebar -  Solons Push for Probe of 'Outrageous, Brutal' Shooting  By Carlos H. Conde

Armed Renegades in All-Out War vs NPA in Negros By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion
Recall of 'Maximum Tolerance' Shades of Martial Law, Injured Protesters Say By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Part I - Irregularities in Misamis Power Plant Project By Herbie S. Gomez

Part II - Crics Warn of 13.2 trillion Subsidy for Power Plant By Herbie S. Gomez

Metro Manila Women Will Not Vote Arroyo in 2004, Survey Says By BULATLAT.COM

Commentary - Ople: Martial Law Defender, Foreign Affairs Chief, Anti-Terrorist Hunter By Bobby Tuazon

Commentary - Arroyo and the Making of a Weak Republic By Carlos H. Conde

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Arroyo's `Strong Republic' Is A Weakling as far as Justice Is Concerned By Dr. Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, Plunder Watch

Alternative Reader No. 21: U.S. Economy: A Boost that Goes Nowhere Compiled By BULATLAT.COM

·   Bush and the Billionaire: How Insider Capitalism Benefited W. By David Corn

·   Bush and Harken By Jason Leopold

·   The 'Gate-less Community By Joshua Green

·   Titans of the Enron Economy By Scott Klinger & Holly Sklar

·   A Boost That Goes Nowhere By Joseph Stiglitz


 Vol. 2, No. 24 July 21 - 27, 2002

On the State of the Nation Address  

·        Arroyo's Ouster or Defeat in 2004 Possible - Joma  By Ace Alegre

·        Wages, Cost of Living and Purchasing Power: Reflections of the Real State of the Nation By Danilo Araņa Arao

·        GMA's "Strong Republic" A Rehash of Marcos' "Bagong Lipunan" By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

·        Cordillera Militants say GMA is Worst Calamity Ever to Hit RP   By BULATLAT.COM

·        Commentary - The State of Puppetry By Bobby Tuazon

'Go Home!' - Filipino in U.S. Canada Tell American Troops in Philippines By BULATLAT.COM

The Lowly Balinghoy's Dire Implications  By Karl G. Ombion and Jaime L. Espina

Turf War in Reaffirmists' Solid North Looms By Ace Alegre
Basilan: Siklab ng Digma - A People's View By Rowena Carranza

Commentary - America's Troubles with Capitalism By Carlos H. Conde

Commentary - Ricciardone's Disingenuous Indictment By Carlos H. Conde

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Mga Pangakong Binaha, Mga Pakikibakang Itatakda By Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy - University of the Philippines (CONTEND-UP)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - An Urgent Appeal to Gabriela Members and Supporters By Gabriela

Alternative Reader No. 20: Bush, 'Corporate Socialism' and Other Threats to U.S. Capitalism Compiled By BULATLAT.COM

·   Corporate Socialism By Ralph Nader

·   If This is a Hangover, the Exuberance was Rational By James K. Galbraith


 Vol. 2, No. 23 July 14 - 20, 2002  

Negros Press, Church Leaders Back Consumers; Call for Power Industry Nationalization By BULATLAT,COM
'Arroyo Has Betrayed the Filipino People': BAYAN to Join Guingona, COPA at Edsa Mass By BULATLAT,COM
Doreen, the Revolutionary By Teddy Casiņo
The World of Chairman Mong By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Commentary - An Assessment of Pharm 5, A GMA Sona Promise By Reynaldo Lesca, Jr., MD, Health Allince for Democracy

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - An Open Letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo By Gabriela
Alternative Reader No. 19: Pax Americana Is Over Compiled By BULATLAT.COM

·   Cry, the Derided Country: A Friendliness Index for a Lonely America By Diane Baldwin

·   The Eagle has Crash Landed, Pax Americana is Over By Immanuel Wallerstein


 Vol. 2, No. 22 July 7 - 13, 2002

Palawan: The Endangered Paradise By Roland G. Simbulan
Upholding Social Justice vs Elitist Law and Jurisprudence By Gerry Albert-Corpuz
ANALYSIS - Unseating the Villafuertes: Camarines Sur's Political Cliques Remain Divided By Noe Caceres and Perry M. Calara
Arroyo Adviser Sues Health Activist Anew for Pesticide Poisoning Expose By BULATLAT.COM

A Reaction to Sonny Africa's Article: `Phiippines 2002: Beaten, Broken and Busted' By Gary Santos

Alternative Reader No. 18: What the U.S. Flag Means to Me By S. Brian Willson

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Education Secretary Roco is in the Wrong Place and for Wrong Reasons By Andrea Tuyo, Filipino Friends in Hong Kong (FFHK)