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  Vol. 3, No. 46 December 21-27, 2003

2003 Yearend Highlights (Part I)

·        The economy in 2003: Broken Promises, Misplaced Priorities, Outright Lies   By Danilo Araña Arao

·        No Jobs, No Homes, No Water: Urban poor see no hope under Gloria By Dabet Castañeda

·        The Year of High Unemployment  By Alexander Martin Remollino

·        A Year of Disquiet for the Filipino Farmers   By Bobby Tuazon

·        Silencing Journalists: The year media killings united journalists By Rowena Carranza
Related article: Philippines: A Killing Field of Journalists   By Carlos H. Conde

MIGRANT WATCH - Migrants Junk GMA, Ping By Aubrey SC Makilan

ELECTION WATCH - Comelec Not Beholden to GMA, Says Poll Chief  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Corpus Trains Guns vs Gov’t Unions; Calls Them Reds  By Andres Rebana

Film Review - Fate and Fortitude: The Filipinas Family  By the Concerned Artists of the Philippines



·        The arrest of Saddam Hussein: will the anti-US resistance continue?  By David Pestieau

·        Iraqi Resistance Front to be Proclaimed Soon By Anti-imperialist Camp


 Vol. 3, No. 45 December 14-20, 2003

Nationwide Transport Strike Looms; 2-day Negros strike paralyzes transportation, schools   By Karl G. Ombion

FPJ Now Wants To Be Called “Ka Ronnie;” Peasant leader says Da King agrees farm sector must be protected from WTO By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Behind Bars: Jerry Rom, 16 By Dabet Castañeda

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S WATCH - Pedro Dungoc: Kalinga Warrior, People’s Martyr   By Nordis

Human Rights Martyrs of the Word  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Gov’t HR Body Scored as Powerless; Negros: 5th in rights violations nationwide    By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

MIGRANT WATCH - Filipinos: Victims of Racist Violence in Canada; Canadian school board head admits racism in Vancouver schools  By BULATLAT.COM

Politically Correct X’mas Gifts, Anyone?  By BULATLAT.COM


news at a glance  

·        Moros demand probe of cases of Muslim fall guys

·        ST workers assail labor department for sell-out of cases

·        Anakpawis lauds NDFP’s ceasefire declaration

Vol. 3, No. 44 December 7-13, 2003

U.S. Base in the Making?: Think tank reveals construction plan in Sarangani Bay   By BULATLAT.COM

Four Years of Treaty Violations: Erring U.S. troops are scot-free while critics get the axe By Aubrey Makilan

Government’s Military Bias: AFP Hospital Budget Bigger than that of Four Other Health Institutes  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Media Killings Getting Out of Control: 14 journalists killed under Arroyo’s watch   By Andres Rebana

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S WATCH - Subanens Reclaim Ancestral Land By Mars S. Marata and Elmer D. Sagbigsal

No More!: 10 years after Marcopper disaster, Marinduque villagers still die   By Ely Manalansan

The Cost of Taking Power: Presidential candidates allowed to spend “only” P189 M or P303 M By Danilo Araña Arao

Marie Hilao-Enriquez: An Icon of Human Rights Activism in the Philippines  By Dabet Castañeda

Coconut Farmers’ Grandson Seeks Justice   By Alexander Martin Remollino

COMMENTARY - Surveys and Gimmicks: GMA declares war on Muslims; death to criminals  By Andres Rebana

Proud To Be A ‘Sison Terrorist’: Joma’s latest book on U.S. terrorism launched in Amsterdam   By D.L. Mondelo


news at a glance  

·        Ex-pastor killed

·        Grief and terror during Ramadan

·        End to crackdown


·        Toll on U.S. Troops in Iraq Grows as Wounded Rolls Approach 10,000 By Roger Roy

·        US Reorganising Military Might for Service Anywhere in World By the Press Trust of India

·        The Silence Of Writers By John Pilger

Who are Iraq's Guerrillas? By Stratfor



 Vol. 3, No. 43 November 30-December 6, 2003

Bulatlat.com Special Report ON HUMAN RIGHTS

Rights Violations in the Philippines: A Grim Reality  By Dabet Castañeda

Mindanao: Laboratory for State Terror By Andres Rebana

Related article: Massacre Survivor Paralyzed for Life By Mars S. Marata

Analysis - Growth as an Indicator of Crisis   By Danilo Araña Arao

Rubbing an Old Wound: Coco farmers file plunder case vs Cojuangco, et al   By Felicisimo H. Manalansan

Blood for Free Trade in Miami: An Analysis of the FTAA 7th Ministerial Meeting on Nov. 16-21, 2003  By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos

News Analysis - ‘Da King’ and the Kingmaker: Movie actor joins race for the Philippine presidency By Bobby Tuazon

Call for a New Disaster Body Gains Ground  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Mining TNCs' ‘Gold Rush’   By Dennis Espada

A Choice Between Power and Life: House representative calls for a halt to toxic Korean coal-fired power plant  By Karl. G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

Negros-wide Transport Strike: Drivers, operators protest 58th oil price hike since 1996   By Karl G. Ombion

GMA Snubs 20,000 Signatures vs Baguio Casino; Poses in a ‘photo-op’ dialogue   By Lyn V. Ramo


 Vol. 3, No. 42 November 23-29, 2003

Church Groups Hit GMA’s ‘Reconciliation’ Move  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Dissenters in the AFP ranks: Soldiers Form Underground Group By Rowena Carranza

Joe Burgos’ Final Journey  By Ronalyn V. Olea

Biggest Protestant Group Scores Corruption, U.S. Armed Intervention   By Rowena Carranza

GATS Ruins Third World Health  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Warfare Over Health Care: Foreign doctors, health professionals decry globalization, war on terror By Dennis Espada

LABOR WATCH - Workers Await Cash-Strapped Christmas; ARMM Workers Monthly Income Short By P18,000   By Danilo Araña Arao

Vegetable Farmers Reap Bitter Pills of Trade Liberalization  By Roy B. Morillo


·        The U.S. Military: Bringing Hope "To Every Corner of the World" By Ben Moxham

·        Imperialism - Intensification of the Struggle for a New Re-division of the World  By Harpal Brar


 Vol. 3, No. 41 November 16-22, 2003

UN Rights Body Expresses Concern Over Impunity of Rights Violators; Tells RP to give updates on Kuratong and Eden-Eddie murder cases By Dabet Castañeda

After two years: Prosecution to File Murder Charges vs Young Journalist’s Killers By Tyrone A. Velez

Relief NGOs Oppose DND-led Disaster Management Council; Say P370M disaster funds unaccounted for  By Alexander Martin Remollino

U.S. Invasion Forces Face Real War in Iraq   By Bobby Tuazon

Related article:

British Group Puts Iraq Casualty Toll at 21,700 to 55,000; Hard data elusive, doctors' report finds

Trading People’s Health for Corporate Wealth  By Wim de Ceukelaire

Renewed Liberalization and Speculative Drive in Bangkok: An Analysis of the APEC Leaders’ Oct. 18-20 Summit   By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos

Primer: Current U.S. Intervention in the Philippines By Bobby Tuazon

Pursue JDF Investigation, Bayan Urges Congress By Alexander Martin Remollino

Another Ifugao OFW Needs Urgent Repatriation  By Nordis

U.S. Invasion Forces Face Real War in Iraq   By Bobby Tuazon

PHOTO OF THE WEEK - CASTING HOPE ON THE NUMBERS  Courtesy of Council for health and Development/BULATLAT.COM

news at a glance  

·        Migrante to GMA: ‘genuine jobs’ in the Philippines, not in Kazakhstan

·        Discontent on Meralco's refund

·        Lucio Tan’s Foremost delays CBA

·        HK OFWs ask Consulate to lift protest ban, issue free E-card


 Vol. 3, No. 40 November 9-15, 2003

New Anti-Graft Watch Wants Davide Impeachment Stopped; Calls for independent investigation of JDF scam By Alexander Martin Remollino

Analysis - Hijacked!: How a legitimate issue became a political spectacle By Bobby Tuazon

Impeachment Reeks of GMA-Cojuangco Collusion - SMC Union  By Alexander Martin Remollino

A Red Day for the Judiciary: Court Employees’ Mass Leave Cripples Negros Courts   By Karl G. Ombion

New Oil Price Hikes to Stir Calls for Deregulation Law’s Repeal  By Danilo Araña Arao

Kipling, the ‘White Man’s Burden,’ and U.S. Imperialism By the Monthly Review Editors


DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Fight for People’s Health; Defeat U.S. Imperialism!  By Darby Santiago, MD, Health Alliance for Democracy

news at a glance  

·        Bayan urges VFA review, U.S. troops’ probe

·        OFWs’ “passport to slavery”

·        Bayan scores Filipino troops deployment in Liberia, Iraq


 Vol. 3, No. 39 November 2-8, 2003

New Watchdog to Press 10 Graft Cases vs Arroyo Gov't By Alexander Martin Remollino

Cordillera Rice Production Vanishing, Indigenous Farmers Bare  By Nordis

Human Rights Volunteers are Also Victims of Summary Killings; 260 Persons Died in Extra-Judicial Executions Under Macapagal-Arroyo  By Alexander Martin Remollino

A Post-All Saints’ Day Photo Essay  By Rowena Carranza

Part I: Unequal, Dead or Alive

Part II: Living on the Dead

Benguet Farmers Besieged by Imported Flowers; Urge gov’t to stop importation By Nordis

13 Years on the Road for a Cause By Karl G. Ombion

Indigenous Peoples Watch - Subanen Chiefs Want IPRA Scrapped  By Elmer D. Sagbigsal

Marxism and the Race/Class Problematic: A Re-Articulation   By E. San Juan, Jr.

Twisting the Past to Justify Present   By Paul Kramer


news at a glance  

·        20 years of women militancy

·        FBI hunt of JI denounced

·        Gov’t urged to act on child abuse in jail

·        AFP lies to hide shame—NPA


·        The Other Casualties By Jonathan Darman

·        Car Bomb Kills 4 in Fallujah By Slobodan Lekic

·        US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now Interviews by Jay Shaft

The Axis of Oil: How a Plan for the World's Biggest
Pipeline Threatens to Wreak Havoc
By Philip Thornton and Charles



 Voll. 3, No. 38 October 26-November 1, 2003

UN Body Scolds RP Over Shallow Rights Report By Rowena Carranza

GSIS Chief’s Retention to Help GMA’s Presidential Bid – Courage Leader   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Related Articles: 

Leyte Gov't Workers Protest Anew, Want GSIS Exec Sacked 

The Ghosts of GSIS

Protests, Jeers Mar Bush’s Asia Swing By BULATLAT.COM

The Emperor Goes To Asia and Talks Terror By Aziz Choudry

The Philippine Model By Stephen R. Shalom

Mindanao Peace Group Digs into Davao Bombings  By Dabet Castañeda

MIGRANT WATCH - HK OFWs Score Philippine Consul’s Martial Rule   By BULATLAT.COM

Crime of Empire Launched in LA   By BULATLAT.COM


news at a glance  

·        Imprisonment of Malaysian NGO leader denounced

·        Workers welcome dialog with Action King

·        Arroyo-Cojuangco 2004 political tandem hit


 Vol. 3, No. 37 October 19-25, 2003

Storm of Indignation Greets Bush’s Whirlwind Visit By Alexander Martin Remollino and Bobby Tuazon

Photo Gallery: Ban-Bush Protest March-Rally to Batasang Pambansa, Oct. 18, 2003 

Farmers’ Lakbayan vs Bush-Arroyo: Getting Here From There  By Dennis Espada 

No Warm Welcome for Bush in Chilly Baguio By Audrey Mary Beltran and Abigail Bengwayan

Political Prisoners Fast Against Bush By Dabet Castañeda

Overseas Filipinos Also Say No to Bush Visit By BULATLAT.COM

The ABC Behind a U.S.-RP FTA  By Paul L. Quintos

Oplan Greenbase is Real, Trillanes Says: Government policies corroborate Oplan’s success  By Gilbert L. Pacificar

Human Rights Group Condemns Tangub Massacre   By Elmer D. Sagbigsal

Ex-CAFGUs Score Hiring of RPA-ABB Members as Forest Guards; Warn of armed struggle if unheeded  By Karl G. Ombion

MIGRANT WATCH - Migrante Says DoLE, OWWA Officials Guilty of ‘High-level Corruption'  By Aubrey SC Makilan



·        Dominance and its Dilemmas    By Noam Chomsky

·        Oil, War And A Growing Sense Of Panic In The US: Don't tell me that America would have invaded Iraq if its chief export was beetroot By Robert Fisk

·        Inside The Resistance By Zaki Chehab

·        Theatre Of War    By Rory McCarthy

·        Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President: Sorry you didn't go when you had the chance By Max Cleland

·        The Unbuilding of Iraq By John Barry and Evan Thomas

·        Demonstrators Gather in Cities Around the World to Demand Pullout from Iraq   By Jack Garland


 Vol. 3, No. 36 October 12-18, 2003

News Analysis - Goodbye, Emperor Bush: U.S. president to step up ‘war on terror,’ free trade  By Bobby Tuazon

Bush To Face Massive Protests  By Alexander Martin Remollino

High Gear and Costly: Gov’t prepares VIP treatment to greet visiting Bush  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Protesting Against U.S. President George W. Bush is Sanctioned by History, and the Filipino People's Struggle Against Imperialist Oppression and Exploitation By Bayan Muna Rep. Crispin B. Beltran

New Land Reform Alliance Rises in Negros: ‘Better to have struggled and lost than not to have struggled at all’   By Hannah A. Papasin

CHR Confirms Military Atrocities; PNP Top Human Rights Violator By Karl G. Ombion and Edmund Sestoso

Walang Bakas” Makes a Mark  By Dabet Castañeda

Corruption Rises Fast Under Arroyo, Int’l Watchdog Says   By BULATLAT.COM


news at a glance

·        Workers, migrants greet GMA’s candidacy with protests

·        Peace advocates slam GMA’s request for U.S. military aid

·        Red fighters kill 5 gov’t troops in encounter

·        Judges, court personnel go on fasting to protest low pay



·        Answers please, Mr Bush By Michael Moore

·        AWOL State of Mind: Calls from soldiers desperate to leave Iraq flood hotline By Leonard Greene


 Vol. 3, No. 35 October 5-11, 2003

U.S. Seizing Initiative in Pushing Trade Liberalization  By Paul L. Quintos

Arroyo Gov’t Unleashes APEC-Driven Third Privatization Wave  By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos

Bagong Lupa: The Village Built from Garbage (First of two parts) By Zelda DT Soriano

Book Review - Sison’s Praxis By Bobby Tuazon

MIGRANT WATCH - Freed from Saudi Death Row, OFW Faces New Hitch with OWWA  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Anti-War Painting Pulled Out from Makati Exhibit  By Ronalyn Olea


Loren Legarda Leviste: Beauty and Brains… and Ambition   By Rowena Carranza

Kabayan Noli’s Road to Fame   By Aubrey SC Makilan

Barbers: From Cop to Vice President?  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Bayani: A Hero?  By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos


news at a glance

·        P4-B contract with U.S. telecom giant seen as special gift for Bush visit

·        Consumer group asks: Who’s paying Meraco’s muti-million refund ads?

·        Another Bayan Muna regional officer abducted in Cebu

Probe on Marcellana-Gumanoy murder delayed;
alleged mastermind named deputy commander



 Vol. 3, No. 34 September 28-October 4, 2003

Massacre in Maco, Compostela Valley: Alleged military intelligence agents abduct, torture, murder youth activists   By Tyrone Velez

Related Article: NPA Identifies 3 of 5 intel agents in Maco massacre; calls on youth to come to the countryside


Bagong Lupa: The Village Built from Garbage (First of two parts) By Zelda DT Soriano

Countdown Begins for Bagong Lupa’s Settlers (Last of two parts) By Zelda DT Soriano

Bulacan’s Salt Farms Melt Down  By Dabet Castañeda

Clamor for Return of Balangiga Bells Snowballs  By Alexander Martin Remollino

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S WATCH - Dumagats: A People's Struggle to be Free   By Dennis Espada

The Wto Cancun Conference:  A Post-Mortem Analysis    By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos

LABOR WATCH - Manila Midtown Closure: A Case of Contractualization?
Gokongwei’s hotel workers say strike to go on no matter how long it takes
  By Alexander Martin Remollino

MIGRANT WATCH - GMA Orders to Divert Billions of OFW Funds Hit  By BULATLAT.COM 


news at a glance

·        Moro human rights leader arrested

·        Probe on PAGCOR chair urged

·        CPP:  Bush is GMAs god


 Vol. 3, No. 33 September 21-27, 2003

Police’s New Lethal Weapon vs Anti-Bush Protesters: ‘Rubber Bullets’  By BULATLAT.COM

LABOR WATCH - Unemployment Reaches 46-Year High  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Commentary - Probing the Probe Issue  By Rowena Carranza

Commentary - Unionism as a Deterrent to Violence vs Media  By Danilo Araña Arao

CULTURE - Rousing Patriotic Performances Mark Ka Amado’s Birth Centennial  By Joel Garduce

Chronicle of a Dictatorship Unleashed   By Ronalyn Olea

Pidal Accounts, Destabilization and State Terrorism   By Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo

Poetry - Ang Kalupitan By Romulo Baquiran  


news at a glance

·        Church group calls for ringing of bells, noise barrage during Bush visit

·        Good Shepherd Sisters of Mindanao decry harassment

·        MILF cadres reject ‘autonomy,’ vow to continue fighting


 Vol. 3, No. 32 September 14-20, 2003

71 Journalists Killed Since 1986: A total of 103 media persons summarily executed since Marcos  By Ronalyn Olea

Martial Law in Retrospect  

·        The AFP: Corruption and Betrayal During Martial Law  By Danilo P. Vizmanos

·        Martial Law in Retrospect By Ricco Alejandro M. Santos

·        Torture Methods and Torturers of Martial Law By Alexander Martin Remollino

·        Defying the Dictatorship By Dabet Castañeda

·        Chronicle of Troubled Times
A Review of Martial Law Diary: Part One
By Alexander Martin Remollino

News Analysis - On Bush’s coming visit to the Philippines: Growing Political Isolation Binds Bush, GMA 
By Joel Garduce

Agricultural Importation: The Bane of Farmers' Existence

·        The Scourge of Rice Importation   By Karl G. Ombion  

·        Importation is Slowly Killing Vegetable Farmers  By Lulu Gimenez

·        At the WTO in Cancun, Mexico: Arroyo Officials' Farm Trade Reform Proposal Useless, Critics Say  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Davao, Cagayan de Oro Journalists March vs Media Killings: Denounce wave of human rights abuses under Arroyo By Bulatlat.com Mindanao Bureau

The Gallery of Brutality  By Danilo Araña Arao

Two Years After 9/11: U.S. Imperialism in a Quicksand  By Prof. Jose Ma. sison



 Vol. 3, No. 31 September 7-13, 2003

 The Perfect Crime: Get Filthy Rich, Make Millions of Casualties, and Still Get Praise 
WTO withholds patients’ essential medicines because of TRIPs
By Wim De Ceukelaire

Making Sense of the WTO By Danilo Araña Arao

Two years after 9/11: Bush Gov’t Blew it Bigtime   By Joel Garduce

Philippines Reaps Bitter Results of Globalization   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Media Killings Turning Philippines Into Another Colombia By Carlos H. Conde

Suspected Child Offenders Live Tortured Lives: 27 minors were summarily killed in Davao City from mid-1999 to Dec. 2002  By Rolando Pinsoy

Development Projects Bulldozing Urban Poor Communities  By Dennis Espada

Culture - Amado V. Hernandez: People’s Writer  By Alexander Martin Remollino


news at a glance

·        Reyes should be investigated, church group says

·        NPA steps up offensives in Mindoro, Mindanao

·        Peace advocates urge resumption of peace talks

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - WAR, TERRORISM AND PEACE IN MINDANAO: Understanding the Events in Mindanao   By Ka Oris, National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao

Alternative Reader No. 68: On the 2nd anniversary of 9/11  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        9-11- New Books, Videos, the Growing Movement for Truth and Accountability  By Carol Brouillet

·        A Deadly Franchise: The Global War on Terror is a Smokescreen Used by Governments to Wipe Out Opponents  By Naomi Klein

·        America Two Years after 9/11: 25 Things We Now Know By Bernard Weiner

·        Concerning the Joint 9/11 Inquiry   By Kristen Breitweiser

·        Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush By Gail Sheehy

·        Political Complicity and the 9/11 Joint Inquiry    By Michel Chossudovsky

·        September 11th And The Bush Administration: Compelling Evidence for Complicity    By Walter E. Davis



 Vol. 3, No. 30 August 31-September 6, 2003  

“Rotten from top to bottom”: Defections Hit AFP By BULATLAT.COM

Analysis - Did the Americans Dump Angelo Reyes? By Bobby Tuazon

U.S. Hand Seen in Defense Chief’s Resignation   By Alexander Martin Remollino

The Economics of Discontent   By Danilo Araña Arao

Neoliberal Globalization: Cancún and Beyond By Aziz Choudry

Philippine Militants to Join Sept. 13 Global Uprising: Gov’t urged to toughen position in Cancun meet By Alexander Martin Remollino


From Bulk Mining to Bulk Water Project: Benguet Corp. in hot water over new venture  By Lyn V. Ramo

Abra River Pollution: Lepanto Denies Dumping Cyanide, Other Mine Tailings into Historic River  By Milena Roque

Culture - It’s F4 vs. Ka Amado   By Aubrey SC Makilan


news at a glance

·        Black for Bush

·        IFJ scores violence vs Filipino journalists

·        House probe of nude shows urged

·        Youth caravan for voters registration

Alternative Reader No. 67  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

WTO Ministerial Meeting in Cancun

·        Doha Declaration Nearly Decided: The Fate Of Medicine Access In Poor Countries    By Sanjay Basu

·        WTO's Attack on Public Education    By Yves Engler

·        Stigmatizing Dissent    By Samir Hussain

·        Enslaved By Free Trade  By George Monbiot

Post-Iraq War

·        It's Official - Saddam Was Not an Imminent Threat    By Clare Short

·        Postwar Deaths of U.S. Troops in Iraq Exceeds Combat Toll    By Terence Neilen

·        Rising Toll Shows U.S. Challenges: 139 Deaths Since May 1 Reflect Shift in Fighting    By Bradley Graham


 Vol. 3, No. 29 August 24-30, 2003

 Rural Activists Say Gov’t Pro-WTO Stance Destroying Farmers’ Lives; Oppose New Round in Cancun
By Gerry Albert Corpuz

NEWS ANALYSIS - Anti-WTO Movement Widens Rift in World Body: But capitalist countries want a multilateral investment pact   By Bobby Tuazon

Militants Call for Junking of WTO: As rich countries push for new round of talks on multilateral investment pact 
By Alexander Martin Remollino

Proposed 2004 National Budget: A Sign of Insecurity   By Ronalyn Olea

Military Operations Claim Civilian Lives in Camarines Sur By Aubrey SC Makilan

Real Face of RPA-ABB Bared  By Karl G. Ombion

Congress Pressed to Probe GSIS Anomalies   By Karl G. Ombion

MIGRANT WATCH - Filipino Caregivers: Target for Exploitation  By BULATLAT.COM

Preserving Ancient Heritage  By Herbie S. Gomez

Behind the Mutiny in Manila  By Eduardo R.C. Capulong and Eric Ruder


news at a glance

·        Press freedom advocates lambast surveillance of journalists

·        Ka Roger tags Lacson, Mike Arroyo chiefs of thieves

·        OFW party in HK scores OWWA e-card

·        Plunder Watch to back graft raps vs. Reyes, generals

Alternative Reader No. 66  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

The Danger of American Fascism

·        The Danger of American Fascism    By Henry A. Wallace

·        50 years later, Iranians remember US-UK coup By Dan De Luce

·        Going It Alone - America's wooden stance: King is only player on board By Clyde Prestowitz

·        U.S. to Send Signal to North Koreans in Naval Exercise By Steven R. Weisman

·        Saudis in Iraq 'Preparing For a Holy War'  By Mark Huband


 Vol. 3, No. 28 August 17-23, 2003

 Ex-AFP Psy-Ops Chief says GMA Can’t Reform Military By Alexander Martin Remollino

See related article: “My Career Would Have Been Ruined for Exposing Corruption in the AFP”- Jarque

A Chilling Message on Press Freedom By Rowena Carranza

All’s Not Well with Danding’s Workers: San Miguel workers score systematic trade union repression  

By Dabet Castañeda

Mindanao Nuns: Bending with the Storm, Standing Firm By Rolando Pinsoy

Ka Bert Olalia: Patriot-Warrior and Labor Leader  By Ronalyn Olea


news at a glance

·        Indigenous Peoples Day marked with protests

·        Bishops defend Sison before House

·        Akbayan solon, lawyers hit over Marcos victims’ compensation

Alternative Reader No. 65  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

Understanding the Oakwood Mutiny

·        Democracy in the NPA And Lack of It in AFP  By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

·        Cancer in the Military Establishment    By Capt. Danilo P. Vizmanos, PN (ret.)

·        Reforming the Military    By Luis Teodoro

·        Reforming the Armed Forces  By Ex-Capt. Rene N. Jarque PA 

·        Protest Action by Hundreds of Soldiers Exposes Rottenness of US-Arroyo Regime  By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

The Road Leading to Cancun

·        Towards Cancun WTO Ministerial: Abandoning Agriculture  By Devinder Sharma

·        Investment Agreement in the WTO: Opening Pandora's Box? By Kavaljit Singh


 Vol. 3, No. 27 August 10-16, 2003

  Defense Chief on the Defensive By Alexander Martin Remollino

Salamat Hashim: Planting the Seeds of Jihad  By Carlos H. Conde

3 Army Soldiers Killed in Negros NPA Ambush  By Karl G. Ombion 

MIGRANT WATCH - Despite critical nursing shortage: Filipino Health Workers in Canada May Lose Jobs

  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Navy Whistleblowers’ Lost Cause  By Alexander Martin Remollino

On Coups and the “Magdalo Group”-- Reliving History   By Arturo P. Garcia

A Story of Survival  By Ronalyn Olea

From Payatas to Sona: Jomer Still Chases His ‘Paper Boat’ Dreams   By John Paul E. Andaquig

Shades of Mindoro? New Negros Army Chief Accused of Red-Baiting vs Bayan Muna  By Karl G. Ombion 

PHOTO ESSAY - A Wondrous World   By Carlos H. Conde


news at a glance

·        Gloria told: Expect no support from OFWs

·        OFWs in Italy are against new voters registration policy

·        Int’l media group backs Filipino media workers

Alternative Reader No. 64: AFRICA WATCH  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Remilitarizing Africa for Corporate Profit  By John E. Peck

·        Africa and the War on Terror  By Mukoma Ngugi

·        Liberia: Ripe for Colonizing ?  By James Ridgeway

·        What’s Behind Liberia’s Crisis: How Washington Set the Stage for War    By Lee Sustar

·        When Uncle Sam Comes Calling in Africa    By Suraya Dadoo


 Vol. 3, No. 26 August 3-9, 2003

 LABOR WATCH - Seafarers Weather Troubled Waters By Aubrey SC Makilan


·        Analysis - NRP in the Mutineers’ Adventurism  By Bobby Tuazon

·        Teachers Worse Off Than Soldiers: Or why mutineer Trillanes would be in a worse rut as a teacher  By Danilo Araña Arao

·        The Successful Coup   By Joel Garduce

·        As junior officers are barred from public hearings: Senate, House Grill Abaya  By Ronalyn V. Olea

·        Mindanao Truth Commission Appeals for Mutineers’ Help in Probe of Davao Bombings   By Gilbert Pacificar

·        Footnotes to A Mutiny  By Alexander Martin Remollino

·        AFP Officers Who Crossed the Bridge   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Remembering a Giant: Philippine Labor Movement Marks Ka Bert Olalia’s 100th Birthday  By Ina Alleco R. Silverio

Negrenses Call for GMA’s Resignation: President’s performance gets low rating  By Karl G. Ombion 

CHR Moves for Indictment of Scout Rangers Over NPA Suspect’s Death   By Karl G. Ombion 

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S WATCH - ‘Demilitarize All National Minority Communities!’   By Aubrey SC Makilan

State U in Bukidnon Continues Crackdown vs Student Activists  By Rolando Pinsoy

Poetry - Takbo Gloria Lipad!  By Joi Barrios 


news at a glance

·        GMA, Reyes told to step down

·        Survey says 52% women won’t vote for GMA in 2004

·        Martial Law victims demand justice, immediate indemnification 

·        Filipinos in Canada back Nestle workers 

Alternative Reader No. 63  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Bush, the Rainforest and a Gas Pipeline to Enrich his Friends; Plan would enrich Bush corporate campaign contributors    By Andrew Gumbel

·        US Warned it Faces 'Third Gulf War' in Iraq    By Charles Clover



 Vol. 3, No. 25 July 27-August 2, 2003

Siege in Makati: Rebel Soldiers Ask President, Generals to Resign     By Bobby Tuazon

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Strong Republic is Fast Crumbling from Within – NDFP  By BULATLAT.COM

Quarantine for the "Coup Virus"?   By Juan L. Mercado

Bishops, Laymen Say No to GMA’s Presidential Run  By BULATLAT.COM

AFP’s Armed Vigilantes Force Lumads to Live in Fear; UN recommendation on paramilitary groups’ pull-out in Davao ignored  By Cheryl Dirige

Davao’s Urban Poor Brace for a Wave of Demolitions, Evictions   By Gilbert Pacificar

Rise in Human-Rights Abuses Alarms Advocates  By Carlos H. Conde

Related article: ‘The AFP Values Human Rights’

Gov’t Worker Looks Forward to GMA’s Last SONA  By Alexander Martin Remollino

A Tragedy That Refuses to Die: Seven years after a catastrophic spillage, two mining TNCs refuse to pay By Dennis Espada

The New Age of Imperialism  By John Bellamy Foster


Alternative Reader No. 62  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Notes on the Antiwar Movement   By Barbara Epstein

·        The New Geopolitics   By Michael Klare


 Vol. 3, No. 24 July 20-26, 2003  

Davao City: The Bloodbath Continues; 191 drug suspects killed by vigilantes since 1998    By Carlos H. Conde and Rolando Pinsoy

Petron’s Full Privatization: An Act of Desperation, a Fulfillment of Oil Deregulation  By Danilo Araña Arao

Is Justice Near for Marcos’ Human Rights Victims?  By Aubrey SC Makilan

‘Truth Commission’ Formed to Investigate Atrocities in South; Vice-President Guingona backs group’s initiative  By Rolando Pinsoy

Al-Ghozi Escape a Mockery of ‘War on Terror’: Expert  By Carlos H. Conde

Reyes Eyeing Diwalwal’s Gold for 2004 Elections?    By Bulatlat.com Mindanao Bureau

88% of Filipinos Today are Poor - IBON  By Dennis Espada

Power Struggle   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Macapagal-Arroyo Upstages Bishop’s Final Rites; Poor parishioners, militants barred from attending Mass   By Karl G. Ombion

Resume Peace Talks with NDFP, GMA Urged  By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar A. Cadagat

U.S. Intervention in the Philippines and Korea  By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Migrant Watch - S. Korea Migrant Workers Score New Labor Policy   By BULATLAT.COM


DEMOCRATIC SPACE - World Press Body Condemns Murder of Filipino Journalist  By the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

news at a glance

·        MILF won’t break ties with NPA

·        KMU slams labor chief for violent dispersal

·        Protestant Church asks GMA to urge EU to de-list Sison, CPP-NPA as terrorists  

Alternative Reader No. 61  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar  By William Rivers Pitt

·        If One War 'Fact' On Iraq Is False, What Of Others? By Jay Bookman


 Vol. 3, No. 23 July 13-19, 2003

Special Report: Unrest in the Labor Front Heightens   

Metro Manila: The Mall Empire that Slavery Built  By BULATLAT.COM

Baguio: Contractualization Shatters Hopes for a Better Life in Baguio   By Audrey Mary Beltran

Negros: Contractualization, Job Layoffs Widespread in the Visayas  By Karl G. Ombion

Davao: Mindanao’s Modern-Day Slaves  By Carlos H. Conde

U.S. Among 5 Countries With Highest Number of SARS Cases   By Aubrey SC Makilan

Analysis - Muslim Mindanao has Lowest Minimum Wage, Highest Cost of Living   By Danilo Araña Arao

A Humiliated AFP Unleashes Its Force vs Civilians in Compostela Valley  By Daisy C. Gonzales

Compostela Mayor’s Killing Spotlights Top Gov’t Officials  By Daisy C. Gonzales

Army Soldiers Hack 4; Farmer-Leader May Lose Limb  By Northern Dispatch Weekly

Bayan Muna to Question Immunity Pact in High Court   By Ronalyn Olea


Freed After 5 Years in Prison, 3 OFWs are Sentenced Again to 6 Years  By BULATLAT.COM

HK Migrants Protest: P3-B Medicare Fund Transfer an Election Gimmick?  By BULATLAT.COM

LABOR WATCH - Alsons Workers Hail ‘Victory’ but Warn of Firm’s ‘Manipulations’  By Jonathan Carillo

Filipino Child and Youth Offenders: In Incalculable Misery  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Culture - The State of Culture and the Arts is the State of the Nation  By the Concerned Artists of the Philippines

Damalerio killing: Main Suspect Now Wears Surgical Mask; is Allegedly Hunting Witnesses  By the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

news at a glance

·        CPP hits Arroyo for scuttling peace talks

·        Gabriela welcomes CBCP actions on sex scandals

·        Tadian folk oppose corporate mining

·        Militants belittle GMA’s 2004 plans  

Alternative Reader No. 60  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        US positions its forces for first strike against North Korea

·        Occupation, Resistance and the Plight of the GIs: Bring 'Em Home!   By Gary Leupp


 Vol. 3, No. 22 July 6-12, 2003

LABOR WATCH - SM Workers Decry Union Busting  By Ronalyn Olea

Gov’t Uses Highway Billboards in Red Scare Campaign    By Paulo Dumayac

Bishop Antonio Y. Fortich: Pilgrim for the Poor   By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Consumer Groups Urge 2004 Candidates to Take up Power Issue  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Related article: Embedded PPA in the New Unbundled Power Rates  

Panata ng Bayan: In Photos  By Arkibong Bayan

House and Senate Bills on UP Charter revision: The Road to UP’s Commercialization   By Aubrey SC Makilan

‘Meteor Garden’: A Mother’s Review   By Rowena Paraan

Compostela Valley Encounter: NPA Guerrillas Outmaneuver Army Troopers, Inflict Heavy Casualties   By Bejay Absin

NPA Slams AFP for Arrest of Two Activist Leaders  By BULATLAT.COM

No Journalist in Military OB, AFP General Says  By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

History's Memory, Literature's Memory - Including Ourselves in History By Linda Ty-Casper

News Analysis - War on Drugs, War on "Terror"?   By Alexander Martin Remollino

ELECTION WATCH - His Father's Namesake: The senator eyes the presidency   By Alexander Martin Remollino

news at a glance

·        Free woman political prisoner and her sick baby, HR group urges

·        But convicted killers are released

·        OFWs join Asia-wide boycott campaign against Nestle

·        Salamat not part of negotiating panel, MILF insists

·        CPP, NPA unfazed by Arroyo's "counterattacks" 

Alternative Reader No. 59  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        A Third World Country Can Still Defeat a U.S. Military Aggression, Argues German Sociologist

·        US fails post-war Iraq examination By Jim Lobe

·        Descending into the quagmire By Daniel Smith



 Vol. 3, No. 21 June 29-July 5, 2003

Militants Start Signature Drive to Repeal Energy Law;Energy official says EPIRA has missionary task to provide people with electricity   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Builders, Archaelogists Clash in Cagayan de Oro: Development vs Cultural Heritage   By Herbie S. Gomez

Leyte Broadcasters: From Telling News to Making News  By Ronalyn Olea

CULTURE - Pagdakila sa Abo ni Kasamang Amado V. Hernandez  By E. San Juan, Jr.

Espasol versus Nilupak: Ang direksyon ng modernistang panulaang P/Filipino sang-ayon kay Virgilio S. Almario By Gelacio Guillermo

GMA’s Anti-Drugs Adviser has Questionable Human Rights Record   By Alexander Martin Remollino

news at a glance

·        Church, consumers unite vs. high power rates

·        50 Nestle workers, supporters hurt in dispersal

·        OFWs condemn arrest of Pinoys in Japan

·        Soldiers, militiamen tagged in another case of summary execution

·        CPLA-AFP integration means more tribal wars, Cordillera front leader says  


 Vol. 3, No. 20 June 22-28, 2003

VMC Sugar Refinery Shutdown Threatens Industry, Workers   By Karl G. Ombion

15 years of CARP: CARP Beyond the Numbers  By Roy Morilla

Abra Governor Hits Pollution, Supports 'Save Abra River'  By Abigail Bengwayan

Sison: In Prison, Writing Poetry was My Way of Fighting, Preoccupying Myself and Keeping My Sanity    
By Grace B. Salita

Amplifying Officials, Squelching Dissent: FAIR study finds democracy poorly served by war coverage   
By Steve Rendall and Tara Broughel

Half A Million In Prizes To Be Awarded In JVO Journalism Excellence Awards; Bulatlat article on mining in Mt. Diwalwal is finalist   By BULATLAT.COM

The Art of Making Burnay: A Photo Essay    By Aubrey SC Makilan

Campus Press Awards Malay, Ordoñez     By Ronalyn Olea

Water Rate Hike Angers Bacolodnons    By Karl G. Ombion

They Said It about the Npa     By Alexander Martin Remollino


news at a glance

·        Solon proposes 20% of development fund for schools

·        SM workers, supporters decry harassment

·        MILF: Gov’t resorting to dirty tactics again

·        Mother of Kananga Massacre victim appeals for justice  

·        Militant lady solon to U.S. State Dep’t: “Curbing sex trafficking calls for the exit of your troops”

Alternative Reader No. 58: Prepare for Iran Attack  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Special Forces 'Prepare for Iran Attack'   By Robert Fox

·        Guerrilla War in Iraq    by Dr. George Friedman

·        From Liberation to Counter-Insurgency    By Jim Lobe

·        Court Ponders if U.S. Firm Liable for Abuse Abroad    By Reuters


 Vol. 3, No. 19 June 15-21, 2003

GMA Accused as 'Coddler of Killers in Uniform'    By Aubrey SC Makilan

Another Case of Torture and Murder Hounds AFP in Davao Oriental  By Daisy C. Gonzales

NPA Releases POW After Long Captivity  By Gilbert Pacificar

POW Says Being with the NPA Made Him Understand the Revolution By Rolando Pinsoy

Guingona: Constitutional Assembly is a Threat to Peasant Land Rights; Labor militants say Danding’s bid for presidency will fail  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Militants Call for Rejection of Balikatan Movie, Real War Games; Anti-U.S. war activists picket Manila city hall  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Cojuangco, DAR Accused of Making CARP a Sham   By Hannah Papasin, Julius Mariveles and Edgar Cadagat

Leaving the Ivory Tower    By Ina Alleco R. Silverio

Women and War   By Ninotchka Rosca

Roots of "Independence" Day    By Alexander Martin Remollino

Lampirong Shells Belong to Fisherfolk but Businessmen are Making a Killing    By Edgar Cadagat

Poetry: Poems for Dean   By Richard Gappi

·        Manunulat

·        Dayaw

Poetry: Kay Kasamang Edi at Eden…    By Arman Katinig

news at a glance

·        OFWs decry sabotage in Overseas Absentee Voting Law 

·        Consumers' “Bantay Meralco” teams monitor start of refund

·        Plunder Watch greets Ombudsman’s verdict on boulevard scam; regrets exclusion of President’s lawyer, GSIS Board

·        Militants hold rallies on Independence Day


 Vol. 3, No. 18 June 8-14, 2003

On the agrarian reform program's 15th anniversary: Peasant Groups Assail CARP, Pagdanganan   
By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Agrarian Reform: Doomed from the Start  By Karl G. Ombion

Cavite’s Screen Hero is Now Acting a Villain, Farmers Say  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Unmasking Monsanto: Australian researcher unearths Monsanto’s global atrocities   By Dennis Espada

Life by the Sea: A Photo Essay  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Student Militants Protest Tuition Hikes, Shortage of Teachers  By Ronalyn Olea

Best Campus Papers Named   By Ronalyn Olea

In Memoriam: Ishmael Bernal    By Alexander Martin Remollino

Remembering Lino Brocka   By Alexander Martin Remollino


news at a glance

·        Railroading of anti-terror bill protested

·        Protest greets GMA’s visit in Seoul

·        Another activist leader missing in Mindoro


 Vol. 3, No. 17 June 1-7, 2003  

GMA-Bush Secret Pact Seen to Restore U.S. Bases in Philippines; Groups urge Macapagal-Arroyo's impeachment   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Analysis - Did GMA Conspire with Bush on the Biggest Lie of the Century?  By Bobby Tuazon

Human Rights Watchdog Reports Abuses Under Macapagal-Arroyo; Bush’s ‘war on terror’ has made the world more dangerous  By BULATLAT.COM

Filipino seafarers on Migrants’ Day: Afloat in a Sea of Misery   By Rowena Carranza

Davao City's Descent into Madness: Davao Children Terrorized in Gov’t Raid  By Rolando Pinsoy and Gilbert Pacificar

RPAs Face Raps over Teener’s Rape   By Karl G. Ombion

'Gene Revolution' a Bane to Filipino Farmers   By Alexander Martin Remollino

New Act Protects Women, Minors from Human Trafficking    By Dennis Espada

Remembering Lino Brocka   By Alexander Martin Remollino

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Moro-Christian Statement of Unity  By Muslim-Christian Interfaith Conference

Alternative Reader No. 56 Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

Bush Lied and Soldiers Died

·        Bush Lied and Soldiers Died  By Wayne Francis

·        Save Our Spooks  By Nicholas D. Kristof

·        Straw, Powell Had Serious Doubts Over Their Iraqi Weapons Claims : Secret transcript revealed  By Dan Plesch and Richard Norton-Taylor

·        Unease Grows in Washington Over Fruitless Weapons Search    By Jim Lobe

·        WMD Just a Convenient Excuse for War, Admits Wolfowitz     By David Usborne

Next stop Tehran?

·        Next Stop Tehran?   By Simon Tisdall

·        Pentagon Eyes Massive Covert Attack on Iran   By The ABC News

·        White House Keeps Pressure on Iran   By The Associated Press and Reuters



 Vol. 3, No. 16 May 25-31, 2003

Dean Armando J. Malay: A Man Worth His Salt  By Rowena Carranza

Analysis - GMA’s New Defense Talks with Bush Favor U.S.  By Bobby Tuazon

Analysis - The Never-Ending Presidential Rituals in Washington   By Bobby Tuazon

Reds, Activists Urge MILF to Reject U.S. as Peace Broker   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

‘Culture of impunity’: Fact-finding Mission Confirms Military Rule in Mindoro  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Negros Sacadas Brace for Tiempo Muerto; Will Launch ‘Tigkiwiri Campaign’  By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

San Roque Dam Opens May 29 but Opposition Mounts   By Arabella Fordan

Peasant Leader Presses Congress to Act on Anti-GMO Bills   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Cebu Judge Holds Army Colonel in Contempt: 5 More Criminal Raps Filed Against Army IB Commander   By Karl G. Ombion 

Negros Town Mayor, 3 Police Chiefs Not in NPA Hit List   By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Courage Under SARS: Breaking the Silence, Overcoming the Fear  By Rey Asis

news at a glance

·        Continuing harassment of Joma Sison assailed

·        HK-based migrants body calls for clarity in settling wage

·        Isabela special polls condemned

·        Unifil-HK to POEA: Clarify ban policy

PHOTO OF THE WEEK - From the Sugarfields to the Streets    By Visayan Daily Courier/BULATLAT.COM

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Sign Up aganist U.S. War Crimes  By STOP USA International

Alternative Reader No. 56 Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        America's Forgotten Empire: What 50 Years of Imperialism in the Philippines Can Teach Us about Iraq  By Mark Lewis


 Vol. 3, No. 15 May 18-24, 2003

NEWS ANALYSIS     -Siocon Raid Exposed MILF’s Weakness  By Carlos H. Conde

As of April 2003: Purchasing Power Drops to 59 Centavos  By Danilo Araña Arao

Power Consumers Say ERC is Siding Again with Meralco on Cash Refund  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Taking cues from SC decision voiding PEA-Amari deal: Militants Want Halt to All Reclamation Projects in Manila Bay   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Cavite Farmer Killed in Police Hunt vs NPA; Two Others Held   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Mothers of Courage   By Dennis Espada

news at a glance

·        Militants oppose Charter changec

·        Shoemart workers decry sexual harassment

·        Students oppose plan to delay schoolyear opening

·        Reds denounce "terrorist" tag on MILF

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Sign Up aganist U.S. War Crimes  By STOP USA International

Alternative Reader No. 55 Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Clash of the Political Titans  The Independent

·        Bush Ally Set to Profit From the War on Terror   By Antony Barnett and Solomon Hughes

·        Now in Open, 'Empire' Talk Unsettling   By Jay Bookman


 Vol. 3, No. 14 May 11-17, 2003  

Pax Americana: Casus Belli (First of three parts)   By Paul Quintos

Fascism and State Terrorism (Second of three parts)  By Paul Quintos

Imperial Overstretch (Conclusion)  By Paul Quintos

The New American Empire and the Rise of State Terrorism   By Bobby Tuazon

Hiding Terrorism's Actual Powerful Coddlers - and Failing  By Joel Garduce

Migrant Watch - Under the Macapagal-Arroyo administration: Seven OFWs Victims of ‘Mysterious Deaths’   By Ronalyn Olea

Military Deployments in Rizal, Leyte Trigger New Spate of Killings   By Aubrey SC Makilan

A Hazardous Trade: In the Philippines, Practicing Journalism Can Kill You   By Rowena Carranza

Terrorizing the Campus Journalist    By Ronalyn Olea

Monsanto Under Fire  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Apolinario Mabini: A Century After His Passing  By Alexander Martin Remollino

news at a glance

·        Catholic bishops call for ceasefire in Mindanao

·        CPP denounces "terrorist" tag on MILF

·        Congress takes up anti-trafficking bill

·        OFWs blast SARS-related discrimination

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Nujp-Davao City Condemns Arrest Of Cagayan De Oro Journalists

Alternative Reader No. 54: Real American Agenda Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Proud to be American? Not While it Chooses Bombs Over Bread By Frida Berrigan

·        New Furor Over Halliburton   By Larry Margasak

·        Intelligence Officers Challenge Bush By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

·        Bush to Propose U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Accord, Aide Says  By Heidi Przybyla 

·        Real American Agenda Now Becoming Clear   by Haroon Siddiqui


 Vol. 3, No. 13 May 4-10, 2003

Congress Opens Probe of Mindoro Killings  By Ronalyn Olea

U.S., British Forces Face War Crimes for Ravaging Iraq’s Public Health   By Wim De Ceukelaire

State Terrorism in Davao Region Claims More Innocent Lives  By Andres Rebana

International Labor Day

·        ‘Sahod, Trabaho at Karapatan...Ipaglaban!’  By Aubrey SC Makilan

·        LABOR DAY: Metro Streetsweepers Link Up With Workers to Demand Higher Wages   By Danilo Araña Arao

·        Thousands Swarm Negros’ Key Cities on May Day: Farmers, students harassed by cops, soldiers   By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

·        Two Lives, One Cause   By Karl G. Ombion

·        Martyrdom of a People’s Leader  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Fasting Against Bt Corn  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Labor Watch - Over massive lay-off, contractualization: Labor Turmoil in San Miguel Plants Heightens By BULATLAT.COM

news at a glance

·        Public health vs ‘humanitarian mission’ to Iraq

·        NCR gives Arroyo -10.44% rating

·        Lady solon scores anti-women Adan 2004

·        Bill to proclaim labor leader national hero filed

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Nanay Mameng: Militant, True Leader of the Masses  By Arkibo ng Bayan/BULATLAT.COM

Alternative Reader No. 53: Will Iraq Arise Again? Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Media Monopolies Have Muzzled Dissent  By Ian Masters 

·        The Evil Genius of Empire: Will Iraq Arise Again?    By James Petras

·        American To Oversee Iraqi Oil Industry By David Teather



 Vol. 3, No. 12 April 27-May 3, 2003

Gruesome Killing Enrages Militants; NPA Vows Revolutionary Justice   By Ronalyn Olea

Cops Block Funeral Rally Thrice   By Aubrey SC Makilan

Photo Essay - The State’s Lawlessness in Davao City  By Carlos H. Conde

Meralco Owes P38 B to Consumers  By Ronalyn Olea

Court Employees Stage Work Stoppage   By Karl G. Ombion and Jumar Utram

Cordillera Day 2003: A Continuing Tradition of the Militant Mass Movement in the Cordillera  By Audrey Mary Beltran

Declaration of Unity

The NDFP in Utrecht: The Untold Story  By D.L. Mondelo

Defending the Earth: A Day of Protest Songs and Anti-Imperialist Art  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Commentary - In Iraq, Real Fighting has Just Begun  By Alexander Martin Remollino

A Most Unholy Week By Roxanne Omega-Doron

news at a glance    

·        Activist-solon slams call for 10-year strike ban

·        Church group urges solons to junk anti-terror bill

·        Protest marks Earth Day

·        Workers take on gates as Nestle management refuses to negotiate

·        Consumers want balance inquiries free


Alternative Reader No. 52: How American Power Girds the Globe with a Ring of Steel Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Commentary : The Dangers of Disinformation in the War on Terrorism  By Maud S. Beelman

·        Special Report - Advisors of Influence: Nine Members of the Defense Policy Board Have Ties to Defense Contractors    By André Verlöy and Daniel Politi 

·        How American power girds the globe with a ring of steel: New bases take Pentagon's armed presence far and wide  By Ian Traynor

·        The Silence about September 11 By William Rivers Pitt

·        Meet an American war criminal  By Wayne Madsen


 Vol. 3, No. 11 April 13-19, 2003

Analysis - The Spoils of War Always Belong to the Looters  By Bobby Tuazon

Analysis - Is the U.S. Victorious in Iraq?   By Paul Quintos

Analysis - Browbeating Pyongyang: Drawing Lessons from the Invasion of Iraq  By Edwin Licaros

“Global Day of Protest” Condemns U.S. Occupation of Iraq  By Ronalyn Olea

Truths and Lies in the U.S. War Against Iraq   By Ronalyn Olea

Cordillera Vignettes: Lepanto Mining and Life in the Cordillera  By Lani T. Montreal

Holland-Based Filipinos Launch Book on EDSA 2  By D.L. Mondelo

Remembering Beng: An Atenean-Turned People’s Poet By Dayami Flores

Commentary - Globalization and Invasion:  Two Sides of the Same Petrodollar (Last of two parts)  By Ricco Alejandro Melchor Santos

Reyes’ Lumads vs Lumads Scheme Opposed By BULATLAT.COM

Benjamin Pimentel’s and Gemma Nemenzo’s Sleights of Hand   By Pete Victoria

Commentary - Where are the WMDs?  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Commentary - Philippines a U.S. Puppet – Armed Forces Chief  By Alexander Martin Remollino

news at a glance    

·        Balikatan in Sulu continues

·        Canada immigration perpetuating abuse of Filipino women

·        Smart subscribers to pay for balance inquiries 

·        Justice eludes victims of militarization in Southern Tagalog

·                      Fil-Am poets to speak their "Peace"

Alternative Reader No. 51: Diary from Baghdad Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Diary from Baghdad: Belgian Doctor Treats Injured British Cameraman

·        Iraqis Fought Bravely, but Without Direction    By John Chalmers

·        Hans Blix: War Planned 'Long in Advance'    News24.com

·        Baghdad's Easy Fall Fuels Arab Conspiracy Theories  By Paul Taylor

·        The invasion and occupation of Iraq will be catastrophic  


 Vol. 3, No. 10 April 6-12, 2003

NEWS ANALYSIS - Davao Bombings Crucial to AFP’s War in the Countryside By Andres Rebana

Pesticides, Chemicals Can Cause SARS, Asia-Pacific Experts Say   By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

Asian Peasant Leaders Slam U.S. War in Iraq, Poisons of Mass Destruction  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Military Protecting Lepanto Mining in Ilocos Sur?: Maengs, Kankanaeys to Host Cordillera Day  
By Audrey Mary Beltran

LABOR WATCH - Rustan’s Employees Go on Strike  By Ronalyn Olea

Gov’t Lying About Country’s Rice Stock  By Karl G. Ombion

COMMENTARY - Globalization and War: Two Sides of the Petrodollar (First of two parts)  By Ricco Alejandro Melchor Santos

New Gov’t Offensives Leave Trail of Human Rights Cases By BULATLAT.COM

GMA’s Nautical Highway is a Bumpy Road for Small Traders, Farmers   By Karl G. Ombion

Migrant watch - Filipino Women in Canada Denounce Auction of Filipino Domestic Workers By BULATLAT.COM

news at a glance    

·        Arroyo gov't should answer for Davao wharf bombing

·        Militant group scores GMA’s anti-terror scheme

·        Filipino health workers demand protection of people’s health

·        Activist-solon scores libelous, anti-Left pseudo-documentary

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Abra River: A Disaster Area?  By Jessica Kellett/BULATLAT.COM

Alternative Reader No. 50: Genocidal War Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Genocidal War: Lessons for the Future  By James Petras

·        Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates  By Arundhati Roy

Total War: Resistance, Humanitarian Aid and the Media  By James Petras



 Vol. 3, No. 9 March 30-April 5, 2003

House Bill vs Sex Trafficking Awaits Senate OK  By Dennis Espada

The Iraq-Pinaglabanan Parallel   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Analysis - Talking Peace, Waging War  By Bobby Tuazon

Negros Execs Make CARP a Hopeless Case  By Karl G. Ombion

A Failed World Bank-Funded Privatization Project: Residents of a Laguna municipality are forced to pay for unsafe drinking water By Arnold Padilla

Tula (Poetry) - Anakpawis By Hassan Ul-Hashim Kabungsuan  

news at a glance    

·        GMA joins 'Coalition of the Bayaran'- Bayan Muna

·        CPP chides “anti-war” govt’s for softening stand on U.S. war

·        RP gov’t to help reconstruct Iraq

·        2 suspected NPA symphatizers killed, 2 others missing

Alternative Reader No. 49: Understanding the U.S. War State Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Understanding the U.S. War State  By John McMurtry

·        A Coalition of Weakness   By Erik Leaver and Sara Johnson

·        Raw, Devastating Realities That Expose the Truth About Basra  By Robert Fisk

·        Beyond the Drumbeat: Iraq, Preventive War, ‘Old Europe’ By Arno J. Mayer


 Vol. 3, No. 8 March 23-29, 2003

Analysis - GMA Boards 'Coalition of the Coerced': Lawyers say Macapagal-Arroyo could be tried as a "war criminal"  By Bobby Tuazon

Police Disperse Thousands of Anti-War Protesters in Manila, Baguio; Millions of protesters hold civil disobedience protests across the globe   By Ronalyn Olea

Filipino Journalists Denounce U.S. War   By BULATLAT.COM

Havoc in Hacienda Looc  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Death Toll in Pikit Rises as Food Relief Slow in Coming: Refugees ask soldiers’ pull-out By Romy Elusfa

Corruption Still Haunts Arroyo Presidency (First of two parts)  By John Paul E. Andaquig

War vs Corruption Needs Guts, Not Promises (Second of two parts)  By John Paul E. Andaquig

news at a glance    

·        Journalists condemn U.S. federal agents’ theft of AP documents

·        Teachers assail “unprecedented” P10B cut 
in education budget; demand GMA veto

·        NPA suspect killed

·        MILF explains why it's not “terrorist”

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Candles for Peace From Arkibo ng Bayan/BULATLAT.COM

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - House Resolution Against U.S. War on Iraq By Legislators Against War (LAW)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Bush and Cohorts Are War Criminals!  By the Public Interest Law Center (PILC)

Alternative Reader No. 48: Lies of George W. Bush Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        An Annotated Critique of President George W. Bush's March 17 Address Preparing the Nation for War  By Stephen Zunes

·        The twenty lies of George W. Bush   By Patrick Martin

·        Genocide and Everyday Life in the USA   By James Petras

·        A Militarily Limited Coalition   By Col. Dan Smith (Ret.)


 Vol. 3, No. 7 March 16-22, 2003  

DA Chief Dared to Face Probe Over Pesticide Poisoning  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

25,000 Negros Farmers to Go Hungry as NIA Shuts Down Irrigation   By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar A. Cadagat

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Bats For Sison Defense  By BULATLAT.COM

U.S. War Plans Target Oil, Liberation Movements – Sison  By D.L. Mondelo

‘Gawad Kawatan’: Consumer Groups, Militants Spoil Meralco's Centennial Celebration By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Peace Forum Weighs Prospects of Peace Process  By Ronalyn Olea

IRRI Workers Take Round 1: House Labor Committee Moves to Strip IRRI Immunity By BULATLAT.COM

An Update On Imperialism, War And People's Struggle  By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Bush, Arroyo Concealing CIA-Abu Sayyaf Link in Davao Bombing?  By Joel Garduce, Center for Anti-imperialist Studies

Women Workers Accuse U.S. Celfone Plant of Giving Them Cancer  By Artemio A. Dumlao

Migrant Watch - OFWs Press Anew for Sto. Tomas’ Permanent Ban from Labor  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Gawad Ka Amado 2002: Literary Awards Night Celebrates 100 Years of Philippine Trade Unionism By Ronalyn Olea

Tula (Poetry) - Isang Daan Taon: Alay kay Amado  By Ben Bernardo

Ang Wikang Filipino at ang Banta ng Globalisasyon  By Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera

The Discourse of Terror and Its Pacific Effects By David Palumbo-Liu

Water Wars  By Tony Clarke

news at a glance    

·        Balikatan 03-1 in provinces condemned

·        Plunder Watch lambasts Jinggoy’s release

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Woes of Development for the Indigenous Peoples on the International Day of Protest Against Dams for Water and Rivers  By Nonoy Gobrin, Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas

Alternative Reader No. 47: U.S. Imperialism's Rendezvous with Disaster Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Top US firms vie for post-war Iraq contracts; Billions in profits seen from seizing oil fields  By Bill Vann

·        Archaeologists warn of Iraq war’s devastating consequences By Sandy English

·        The Aftermath – Has Already Begun By John Cory

·        The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations  By Larry Chin

·        Bush lays out his "vision" for the Middle East; US imperialism's rendezvous with disaster   By Bill Vann

·        Betting on War with a Pair of Kings By William Rivers Pitt


 Vol. 3, No. 6 March 9-15, 2003

Mission to Launch Global Campaign vs Gov't Offensives in South: Calls for immediate return of thousands of evacuees  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Reds to Duterte: ‘Form Own Probe Body, Don’t Allow AFP to Manipulate You’   By Carlos H. Conde

How the ‘War on Terrorism’ was Plotted 10 Years Ago: America’s Current Hegemony in Asia Pacific 
By Bobby Tuazon

U.S. War Plans Target Oil, Liberation Movements – Sison  By D.L. Mondelo

Terrorism and Marxist Insurgency in the Philippines By E. San Juan, Jr.

Internationalization of Terrorism  By Danilo P. Vizmanos

‘Peace Jam’ – a Weapon of Mass Information: A Night of Music and Poetry for Peace By Ronalyn Olea

Profile - Oscar Atadero: Leading the Gay Life  By Ina Alleco R. Silverio

Mary Ann: A Victim's Tale   By Dennis Espada

Perils for Women and Children: Sexual Abuse, Child Labor and Women Unemployment Rise  By Aubrey SC Makilan

One Farmer Dies, 2 Others Wounded in Agrarian Reform Violence; 2 photo-journalists also harassed in La Carlota  By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Baguio Flyover Project May Trigger Next Earthquake Tragedy By Ira Pedrasa

Tula (Poetry) - Ako ang Digmaan  By Axel Pinpin

news at a glance    

·        What are U.S. soldiers doing in Panay?

·        SM workers file notice of strike 

·        HK Pinays hit GMA ban on new contract deals

·        Indigenous people, environmentalists demand scrapping of Mining Act 

·        Gabriela calls for release of woman political prisoner and newborn


 Vol. 3, No. 5 March 2-8, 2003

Moro Refugees: A Life Constantly Under Threat  By Carlos H. Conde

COMMENTARY - Abu Sayyaf Is at Work Again – for the Government  By Andres Rebana

Biggest Peace Rally Held: We must vanquish the enemies of peace -- Sin  By Ronalyn Olea

Related Article: Negrenses Join Anti-War Protest

Journalists Call for Peace, Assail GMA’s Pro-War Stance  By BULATLAT.COM
The Imperialist War on Terrorism and the Responsibility of Cultural Studies
By E. San Juan, Jr.

The Imperialist Intention of U.S. Wars of Aggression  By Danilo Araña Arao

Shadowy Groups and Bloody Deceits of the War of Terrorism By Joel Garduce, Center for Anti-Imperialist Studies (CAIS)

Poetry: Yankee Doodle Goes To War By Joi Barrios

MIGRANT WATCH - “Taxing the Poor, Hong Kong Style”: Hong Kong Filipino Maids Decry Tax Levy   By Bulatlat.com

Negros Execs, Sugar Barons Sabotaging Land Reform, Farmers Say By Karl G. Ombion

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Sign of the Times By Darius Galang/BULATLAT.COM

Alternative Reader No. 46: The 'War On Terrorism' As A Deception Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Gaining an Empire, Losing Democracy? By Norman Mailer

·        US Arms Control Hypocrisy is the Real Threat to Security  By Ira Chernus

·        Euro Intel Experts Dismiss 'War On Terrorism' As Deception  By Christopher Bollyn

·        The Hypocrisy of the Humanitarian Case for War By Amin Saikal

·        US firms given contracts to 'rebuild' Iraq By The Hindu



 Vol. 3, No. 4 February 23-March 1, 2003

RM Awardee Blasts New 'Thomasites' in Anti-Terror War By Alexander Martin Remollino

Analysis - NPA: U.S. Forces Next Target? By Bobby Tuazon

Women and Artists at the Anti-War Front By Dennis Espada

Sin Leads Rosary, Mass for Peace at Edsa Shrine: Nationwide Prayer Assembly for Peace set on Feb. 28  
By Ronalyn Olea


The ‘Left Purges’ and Their Implications on Human Rights   By Bonifacio P. Ilagan

Two-Day Strike Paralyzes Transport, Freezes LTO Order By Karl G. Ombion

Workers Decry IRRI Immunity from Suit  By Ronalyn Olea

Progressive Entries Bag Gawad CCP Awards  By Rowena Carranza 

Poetry: Evacuation By Tomasito T. Talledo

The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism  By The UN General Assembly

News at a Glance

·        Two Lepanto workers die  

·        Bayan Muna denounces promotion of alleged top human rights violator

·        NDF condemns military offensives vs. MILF 

·        Bayan calls for oil price control

·        Workers in giant sugar company ink CBA


 Vol. 3, No. 3 February 16-22, 2003

What, Really, Is This War For?  By Romy Elusfa

Development worker confirms: Pikit Offensive, GMA’s Support of Bush Would Radicalize Moros By Carlos H. Conde

Gov't’s Sincerity in Peace Process Questioned By Carlos H. Conde

The Beasts of War  By Carlos H. Conde

The Anti-War Storm Grows By Alexander Martin Remollino

Tula (Poetry): Ang Paanyaya ni Bush kay Gloria (Bush’s Invitation to Gloria)  By Bienvenido Lumbera

Analysis - Amid Looming U.S. War on Iraq: Gov’t Oil Security Plan Fails to Curb Price Hikes, Overpricing  By Danilo Araña Arao

Bush Buddies’ Blunders and Bluster Bare Deceit By Joel Garduce

Coffee Talk: Cavite Farmers Denounce Nestle and GATT-WTO Clamor; for P700 Per Bucket Hike in Coffee Prices   By Dennis Espada

Lucio Tan’s Fortune Continues to Reign in Tobacco Sector: Ilocos Region farmers press GMA to raise tobacco prices to P65 a kilo  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

House Leader Denounces GMA  for P3-B Pro-U.S. War Budget  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

News at a Glance

·        Support to U.S. war on Iraq: ‘Peacekeeping forces’ tantamount to military support, solon says 

·        On the entry of Green Berets: ‘Abu Sayyaf today, NPA and MILF tomorrow’

·        CPP gave Kintanar a chance – Ka Roger  

·        Bohol farmers arrested, detained

·        MCPA condemns the bombing of Pikit, Maguindanao on the eve of Edi’l Adha

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Stand for Peace!  By the Civil Liberties Movement

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - It's All about Iraqi Oil  By Leandro M. Natividad, Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER)

Alternative Reader No. 45: A War Crime or an Act of War? Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        A War Crime or an Act of War?    By Stephen C. Pelletiere

·        The War and Premeditated Genocide : What is at Stake?  By James Petras 

·        "Blood on His Hands"  By John Pilger

·        Report from Iraq: Bombing the Starving, Sick & Homeless By Charlie Clements, M.D.

·        Inside Bush's Brain: A Pathology of Fear and Lies By Wayne Saunders


 Vol. 3, No. 2 February 9-15, 2003  

4 Million Iraqis Seen to Die in U.S. War: Confidential UN report says 7.4 million will need immediate humanitarian intervention  By Bobby Tuazon

Bush’s War on Iraq to Hurt Negros’ ‘Floating Economy’: Churches, Militant Groups, OFWs Gear for Bigger Anti-war Protests on Feb. 15 By Karl G. Ombion

GMA Asked to Resign, Apply as Bush’s Spokesperson: Armed Left to launch ‘sympathy attacks’ if U.S. strikes Iraq  By Gerry Albert Corpuz


Excerpts - War, Immigrants, and the Economy: Filipinos In A Post-9/11 World  By Jay Mendoza

Jailed Filipinos in Dubai Yearn for Home  By BULATLAT.COM

Analysis: Growth for Whom By Sandra Nicolas

GDP Growth Claim Can’t Hide Higher Cost of Living  By Danilo Araña Arao

Strike Continues to Paralyze Gold Production at the Lepanto Mines  By Audrey Mary Beltran

GMA’s ‘Farmers as Importers Program’ Spells Doom for Rice Agriculture  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Human Rights Alliance Denounces Killings in Bicol By Ronalyn Olea

Panagbenga: Festival of Flowers and Schools of Thought   By Ira Pedrasa

ELECTION WATCH - Unlikely Team  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Artists, Health Professionals Unite Against VAT By Alexander Martin Remollino

News at a Glance

·        Church dares presidential aspirants: Stand Against US War

·        No ‘crackdown,’ CPP spokesperson says

·        Murder charges vs Joma hit 

·        On Joma’s 64th birthday: Militants demand withdrawal of GMA support for U.S. war; resumption of peace talks

Alternative Reader No. 44: Mandela Blasts Bush Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Mandela Blasts Bush on Iraq, Warns of 'Holocaust'  By Toby Reynolds

·        SOUTH AFRICA: Mandela Rebukes Bush Over Crisis With Iraq    By Rachel L. Swarns


 Vol. 3, No. 1 February 2-8, 2003

 Open Season On Militant Groups? By Alexander Martin Remollino

Standing for Peace: Guingona Leads Anti-War Prayer Rally By Ronalyn Olea

Sharing Lessons from EDSA 2 With the Global Anti-War Movement  By Joel Garduce

The Sison Way By Ninotchka Rosca

‘Sinking School’ in Pampanga: Victim of Budget Mispriorities? By Mike Ac-ac

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES' WATCH - Drought Threatens Ilocos, Benguet Farms, Fishponds  By Arabella Fordan

Poverty, Terror and Globalization Hurt Most Families   By Dennis Espada

‘Filipinized’ Commentary - Filipino Should Remain the Country’s Medium of Instruction  By Danilo Araña Arao

News at a Glance

·        Torture against suspected leftists persists in the Philippines - AI

·        Looming crackdown on militants hit

·        Muslim families dismayed over GMA’s all-out war 

·        Filipino-Canadians warn Macapagal-Arroyo will be ousted


Alternative Reader No. 43: World Rallies More Support vs Bush's War on Iraq Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        America's dangerous new style of war  By Dinah Po Kempner

·        The Wartime Deceptions: Saddam Is Hitler And It's Not About Oil  By Robert Fisk

·        A presidency at the brink  By Robert Kuttner

·        Comment: No beginning or end to war  By Günter Grass

·        'Sorry State of the Union': Hundreds Rally in Cold To Oppose Possible War   
by Manny Fernandez

·        Nobel Laureates Sign Against a War Without International Support  By William Broad

·        February 12: A Day of Poetry Against the War  An Open Letter from Sam Hamill



 Vol. 2, No. 50 January 26-February 1, 2003

CPP Claims Kintanar Execution; Denies ‘Hit List’  By BULATLAT.COM

Analysis - Charter Change: A Counter-Revolutionary Charade  By Bobby Tuazon

Sharing Lessons from EDSA 2 With the Global Anti-War Movement  By Joel Garduce

Filipinos Join the World Against War  By BULATLAT.COM


Commentary - Price Hikes Expose Pitfalls of Oil Deregulation  By Danilo Araña Arao

Labor Code Amendments are Anti-Labor, Groups Say  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Mendiola Massacre: 16 Years of Injustice  By Ronalyn Olea

A Tale of Three FQS Veterans  By Zeng Umil

2002: A Tough Year for the Poor  By IBON Foundation


News at a Glance

  • 40 hurt in People Power 2 rally dispersal

  • 13 arrested in anti-war protest

  • Farmers challenge new agrarian chief

  • Plunder Watch says GMA has no moral ground vs corruption

  • Saudi-based OFWs spared monthly levy

  • Youths protest against tuition hike, budget cut


Democratic Space - UNITY STATEMENT: NO TO 10% VAT By NO VAT (Network Opposed to VAT)

Alternative Reader No. 42: The Global Movement Against Bush's War on Iraq Compiled by BULATLAT.COM


 Vol. 2, No. 49 January 19-25, 2003

Edsa 2 Veterans Express Dismay with Arroyo Gov’t  By Ronalyn Olea

Militants to Press Rally at Edsa Shrine By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

ELECTION WATCH - The Presidentiables

Hog Raisers, Suppliers Threaten to Stop Pork Delivery in NCR  By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

In the Hot Seat: Is the Labor Secretary Anti-Labor?  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Marxist Priest Defends Cellsite Raids  By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Negros Land Ejection Enrages Farmers By Karl G. Ombion

FQS: Remembering the Storm  By Ronalyn Olea

Analysis - If War Breaks out in Korea, Don’t Blame the North  By Edwin Licaros


Alternative Reader No. 41: "No to Waris anyone listening?" Compiled by BULATLAT.COM


 Vol. 2, No. 48 January 12-18, 2003

Militants Want GMA Out of Edsa 2 Anniversary Celebrations  By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Filipino Activists in India Call for Resistance to U.S. War on Iraq By  Bobby Tuazon

Migrant Watch

Int’l Lawyers Ask European Council To Remove Sison from ‘Terrorist’ List  By BULATLAT.COM

Commentary - Peso Loses More Than 2/5 Of Its Value  By Danilo Araña Arao

Commentary - Signs of the (Hard) Times  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Gma’s ‘Strong Republic’ Takes Its Toll in Southern Negros: Torture Victim Dies on Christmas Eve By Karl G. Ombion and Alejandro Deoma

Looking Back at the Storm  By Alexander Martin Remollino

CULTURE - Filmfest Controversies Draw Public Interest  By Julie Po

In the Eyes of Two NPA Recruits: Life in the Mountains  By Lira Dalangin

Top 20 Philippine Newsmakers of 2002  By the Center for Anti-Imperialist Studies (CAIS)


  • Left Rejects Gov’t of National Unity Proposal

  • ‘Council of Doom’  

  • POWER: Scrap PPA  

  • Band-Aid Measures

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Peoples' Movements Encounter By Dr. Romeo Quijano/BULATLAT.COM


 Vol. 2, No. 47 January 5-11, 2003

Special Report on Filipino Migrants’ Situation: Arroyo’s Betrayal of OFWs’ Interests Will Spell Her Doom  By Maita Santiago

Analysis: Questions by Wicked Minds on Arroyo’s End-year Bombshell By  Rowena Carranza

Public protection from predatory pricing pressed: Militants Protest Against Oil Price Hike By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

December 26: A ‘Joyous’ Day with Peasants and Comrades   By Daisy C. Gonzales and Carlos H. Conde

Reds Warn U.S.: ‘You Are Fair Game’ By Carlos H. Conde

Peace Negotiations Can Be Resumed Joma  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Commentary - In 2003, Arroyo May Create More Jobs, But…  By Danilo Araña Arao

The Disappearance of a Rose  By Angel Moti

New Year’s Wish List By Alexander Martin Remollino

Holiday Hangover  Compiled by Aubrey SC Makilan

Filmfest Blues By Ronalyn Olea 


  • Christmas vacation for Erap condemned  

  • Marcos bust bombed

  • Water rate hikes greet new year

  • Bayan Muna slams new presidential commission

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: SPIDER GAME By Artemio A. Dumlao/Bulatlat.com

Alternative Reader No. 40:The War on Terror and the Holiday Season Compiled by BULATLAT.COM