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 Vol. 2, No. 34 September 29-October 5, 2002  

As the U.S. readies to wage war against Iraq: World Church Leaders Call for U.S. Troops Pull-Out from RP By Rowena Carranza

Related article: Unity Statement, International Ecumenical Conference on Terrorism in a Globalized World  

Proposed 2003 Budget Shows Military Bias By Sandra Nicolas

New OPH in October: Oil Price Hocus-Pocus By Danilo Araña Arao

PNOC Replies By Leonardo M. Ote, Environment and External Relations Manager, PNOC-EDC

Rejoinder to PNOC By Edgar A. Cadagat, Karl G. Ombion and Hannah Papasin

Negros Farmers Stand by Story, Bare More Harrowing Facts of PNOC Project By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Ex-Cafgu Finds A New Cause  By Hannah Papasin

Faces of Che  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Why the UN Must Defend Iraq Against the U.S. War of Aggression  By Prof. Roland Simbulan

A Gathering of Women Peacemakers   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Women and U.S. Wars of Aggression  By Dr. Kathryn Poethig

U.S. Violates International Law : The Pentagon's Secret Chemical Weapons Program By Edward Hammond

Photo of the Week - SHALOM  By Lito Ocampo

Alternative Reader No. 28: Letters Against War  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Letter from Ramsey Clark to UN Security Council 

·        An Open Letter To America From Chilean Ariel Dorfman 


 Vol. 2, No. 33 September 22-28, 2002  

De Venecia Bared U.S. Plot to Scuttle Peace Talks – Joma Sison: Dutch church leaders support call to defend Filipino exile, peace talks resumption   By D.L. Mondelo

Euro-Parliamentarians Back Call to Defend Sison’s Rights  By BULATLAT.COM

Calls for Peace By Rowena Carranza

Related Articles :

No to All-Out War, Yes to Peace Negotiations  

Unity Statement: Resume Formal Peace Talks Now!  

Sept. 16 Reunion Slams U.S. War on Iraq, MLSA By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Lies and Realities in Labor Force Surveys  By Danilo Araña Arao

Mall Owners, Property Developers Drive out Peasants from their Land By Alexander Martin Remollino

PNOC Project Endangers Mt. Kanlaon; Will Displace Thousands  By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion  

Photo of the Week - DRILLING SITE NO. 10  By Courier/Bulatlat.com

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - An Open Letter to President George  Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair  By Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Church Group to GMA: Stop the Return of US Military Bases or Face Ouster  By Promotion of Church People's Response (PCPR)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Teachers relearn history on September 16, call for abrogation of three RP-US military agreements and MLSA  By Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy University of the Philippines (CONTEND-UP)

BEHIND THE "SECOND FRONT": A video documentary on the International Solidarity Mission and Lakbay Kalinaw A KODAO Production



Set 1

·        The US Wants to Close the Dragnet around Sison. The Netherlands has closed his bank account and taken away his housing. What’s next: extradition?  By  Bert De Belder

·        NDFP condemns US "terrorist" tag On the CPP, NPA and Jose Ma. Sison 
Statement of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Executive Committee

·        An Open Letter from Peace Advocates in Japan
By the Japan Network for a Peaceful, Sovereign and Free Philippines (JNPSFP)

·        Hands Off the Communist Party of the Philippines! 
The Leading Committee of the Revolutionary Marxist Organization A/synechia

·        Japanese Peaceniks Defend Jose Maria Sison, Calls for Peace Talks in the Philippines
And Junks Bush’s War of Terror 

By the Japan Network for a Peaceful, Sovereign and Free Philippines (JNPSFP)

·        Filipino and Canadian Human Rights Organizations Demand Justice at Dutch Consulate  
By the B.C. Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (BCCHRP)

·        Joema is no terrorist: HK groups throw support to Sison 
By the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-HK) and Asian Students Association (ASA)

·        European Parliament Members Support Call To Defend Rights of Professor Sison   
By the Committee to Defend Filipino Progressives Abroad (DEFEND)

·        Dutch Clergymen Express Support for Prof. Sison   
By the Committee to Defend Filipino Progressives Abroad (DEFEND)

·        Unity Statement: Resume Formal Peace Talks Now!
Signed by more than 200 signatories

·        No to All-Out War, Yes to Peace Negotiations 
A Petition signed by more than 500 signatories

Set 2

·        Bush Asks Congress For Unlimited Power to Make War  By The Associated Press

·        Bush Unveils Global Doctrine of First Strikes  By David E. Sanger


 Vol. 2, No. 32 September 15-21, 2002  

September 16, 1991: The Day the Impossible Happened  By Rowena Carranza

MIGRANT WATCH - New Bush War to Uproot 1.5-m Filipinos: President Arroyo Condemned for Constitutional Violations  By BULATLAT.COM

World Remembers 9/11 Victims, But Leaders Junk Bush’s New War on Iraq By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Electoral War? By Alexander Martin Remollino

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES WATCH - No End in Fight of Ibalois, Pangasinan Farmers to Stop Japan-Funded Dam  By BULATLAT.COM

On the 30th Anniversary of Martial Law Declaration

Young, Illustrious Filipinos Fell Then - And Still Fall Now By Alexander Martin Remollino

Cultural Section - The Small Spider’s Universe  A Poem By Daniel Boone Schirmer   

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - An Open Letter to President George  Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair  By the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Bad for People’s Health  By Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD)

Alternative Reader No. 26: What War Looks Like  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·   Drain the swamp and there will be no more mosquitoes by attacking Iraq, the US will invite a new wave of terrorist attacks  By Noam Chomsky

·   The Colder War  By John Pilger

·   What War Looks Like By Howard Zinn


 Vol. 2, No. 31 September 8-14, 2002  

On the killing of 27 members, disappearance of 4 others: Is the Arroyo Gov’t Out To Silence Bayan Muna? House Probe Wants Answers  By Amy V. Padilla

A Year After 9/11

·        Analysis - A Mercenary President Without Equal  By Bobby Tuazon

·        U.S. Policy in Asia and the State of Philippine-U.S. Security Relations  By Roland G. Simbulan

·        Anti-Terrorism Act: A Prelude  to Authoritarian Rule?  By Rhea delos Santos

·        Two Letters From The Heart  By Rowena Carranza

Militants Press Senate to Ratify ICC Treaty  By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

Bulatlat.com Special Report ON MINING part III: 

Gov't Takeover To Bring In More Mining Giants to Diwalwal  By Carlos H. Conde and Daisy C. Gonzales

Sidebar: Gov't Scheme Allots 75% of Diwalwal to Big, Foreign TNCs  By Carlos H. Conde 

Local Execs, RPA Accused of Masterminding Timber Massacres in Negros By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Analysis - P0.53 Rollback Still Possible - Despite Uptrend in World Crude Prices  By Danilo Araña Arao

Analysis - Maltreatment of Sidewalk Vendors and Govt's Concept of Poverty By Danilo Araña Arao

Drowning in A Cycle of Water Rate Hikes By Alexander Martin Remollino

IRRI Employees to Congress: SOS!   By BULATLAT.COM 

Photo of the Week - MMDA Chief Fernando's Young Nemesis  By Aubrey Makilan

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - OPEN LETTER TO THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT AND THE FILIPINO PEOPLE  Signed by Melinda Quintos de Jesus, Luis V. Teodoro, Julie Po, Sheila Coronel and others

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - End the Timber Massacres in DSB-NNFR!  By the Correspondents, Broadcasters, Reporters Association - Action News Service (Cobra-Ans) National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) - Negros and Promotion of Church People's Response (PCPR)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - A Call for An Independent Investigation  By the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA)

Alternative Reader No. 25: Changes Wrought By 9/11  Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Changes Wrought By 9/11: Not What You Expected  By Don Hazen and Tai Moses and Lakshmi Chaudhry

·        The Truth About Sept. 11 By Ted Rall 

·        One Year Later: Unintended Consequences of 9/11 and the War on Terrorism  By John Tirman

·        The Clash of Barbarisms: September 11 and the Making of the New World Disorder  By Gilbert Achcar

·        Slouching Towards 9/11 By Frank Rich


 Vol. 2, No. 30 September 1-7, 2002  

Mt. Diwalwal: A Bulatlat.com Special Report ON MINING part II 

·        Diwalwal Folk Caught in the Grip of Violence, Greed (First of a series) By Carlos H. Conde and Daisy C. Gonzales

·        Entry of Huge Mining Firm Turns Diwalwal into Powder Keg (Second of a series)  By Carlos H. Conde and Daisy C. Gonzales

Militant Peasant Group Slams ‘Martial Law Accord’  By Gerry Albert-Corpuz

MIGRANT WATCH - Migrante Presses Boycott of Malaysian Airlines, Other Products By BULATLAT.COM

Opposition Against San Roque Dam Intensifies: People’s Summit Held In Pangasinan  By Ara Fordan

Misencounter: Army Fired at Us – Claim Survivor-Cop, and NPA Commander  By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Army Commander Insists Bayan and Ang Bayan are One and the Same By Edgar A. Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

New Conquest of Corporate Globalization?   By Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo 

Essay - A ‘Death’ Revisited By Alexander Martin Remollino

Photo of the Week - Igorot Pro-text-er By Darius Galang

Democratic Space - The Plight of Filipino Deportees: An attack against humanity  By Alvin Luque, secretary-general Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-Southern Mindanao Region (New Patriotic Alliance-Southern Mindanao Region or BAYAN-SMR)