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In his follow-up report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Prof. Philip Alston, the UN’s special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said the Philippine government has not eliminated extrajudicial killings from its counterinsurgency operations.

The world is worried about the progress of the Philippine government’s compliance on human rights, this, despite President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s offer to raise P25 million as reward for witnesses to testify in order to solve the 1,013 cases of extrajudicial killings under her administration.

An uphill battle has begun to save Northern Luzon’s watersheds as they face further deterioration. BY ACE ALEGRE Contributor Bulatlat BAGUIO CITY (246 kms north of Manila) – An uphill battle has begun to save Northern Luzon’s watersheds as they face further deterioration. “We really have to act now not for this generation but for…

Bayan said that under the VFA, US commanders are not required to have their visiting troops subjected to thermal scans, health surveillance and other standard operating procedures that are usually undertaken by host governments in civilian ports of entry. “All the US forces need to present is a declaration of health,” it said.“Even in matters of public health, Philippine sovereignty is undermined by the VFA.”

In a statement sent to Bulatlat, the Philippine UPR Watch said Ermita consumed the time of the whole session and left the Committee members with little time to ask more searching and probing questions even after being reminded, a couple of times, to shorten its report. “It was pretty obvious to the Philippine and international NGOs that the Philippine delegation was just “dribbling” the time away to avoid being put to task for its general and high-falluting replies spruced up with cute acronyms that – in the words of another Committee member – have “nothing on the practical side” and have no value on the ground,” the group said.

The Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act or Republic 9262 of 2004 was passed “to protect the family and its members particularly women and children from violence and threats to their personal safety and security”. The intention of the law is to guarantee full respect for human rights of women and children. Five years since it was passed, the women’s group GABRIELA has been receiving an increasing number of reports of violence and threats against women and children.

“The Court of Appeals betrayed the Filipinos,” said Joms Salvador, GABRIELA spokesperson, during a protest rally at the US embassy. By acquitting Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith, the CA justices “have trampled on the hard-fought justice of women in the Subic rape case and the fight of all Filipinos to defend our dignity as a people.”

A citizens’ group in the Bicol Region has thrown its support behind any investigation that the Senate would undertake into the social cost of the presence of US troops in the country, as well as its adverse effects on the local community. This statement of support by the Bikolano Alliance for Nationalism Against Balikatan (BAN Balikatan) came on the heels of Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s call for an investigation into reports that US soldiers participating in the Balikatan military exercises in Bicol are enjoying nightly prostitution “services”.