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SONA 2022: Why Marcos Jr. economic blueprint will make the nation, ordinary folk suffer

Marcos Jr.’s priority is to ensure that the neoliberal policies that his predecessor President Rodrigo Duterte passed are maximized to create the most favorable environment for big businesses, including foreign capital. To become an investment destination, the administration will provide massive tax breaks to corporations through the CREATE Law and provide foreign companies more profit-making opportunities with the amended laws on public services and foreign investments.

US and NATO mastermind and engineer armed conflict between Russophobe Ukrainian regime and Russia

The US and NATO masterminded, engineered and openly funded from the US embassy in Kyiv the Maidan protests in 2013 and the bloody coup d’etat against the pro-Russian government in 2014 in order to bring to power the Russian-hating Bandera-type fascists (the National Socialists of Ukraine), the political descendants of Nazis, and a new breed of Zionist fascists, all servile to the US and West European monopoly capitalism and the NATO. Thus was institutionalized a Russophobic and neo-fascist regime in Ukraine in 2014.

Mga salitang bawal, mga rehimeng nabuwal

Sa buktot na pagtingin, inaakala ng mga nasa kapangyarihan na ang pagsikil sa pagkalat ng teksto ay sapat na para tuldukan ang mga ideyang nais nilang pigilan. Subalit kasaysayan na rin ang magtuturo, gaya sa mga halimbawang nailahad sa itaas, na ang mga “subersibong ideya” ay hindi lang kalipunan ng mga salita kundi produkto ng kolektibong pagkilos ng mga taong naninindigan.

End the Nakba now

Since 1948, the people of Palestine have lost more than 85% of their land to Israel. The militarisation of the Israeli state has now confined them to a series of open-air prisons, in which the Israeli state routinely rehearses its cruel technologies of war — poisoning the soil, contaminating the water, and terrorising the people.