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Ambivalence toward the Left and peace talks

Over the last four years of Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s presidency, we may have gotten used to seeing, hearing, or reading about how he has tended to say one thing and, in the same instance, he walks back on that statement and states the opposite. This happened again last Tuesday during his weekly late-night televised address…

‘Deeper in debt but shallow in COVID-19 response, aid to the poor’

Despite these loans, government was only able to spend P98.3 billion for 17.5 million households as of June 27. According to independent think-tank Ibon Foundation, the subsidy amounts to just P53 per family or P12 per person per day for the past 106 days since the COVID-19 lockdown started. By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat.com…

First Person | Baby blues

Will the courts show compassion and grant Ina provisional liberty so she could care for and nurse her baby girl somewhere safe? Will they recognize Ina’s right to breastfeed her child who equally has the right to her breastmilk? Ina’s breastmilk is her baby girl’s natural immunization and best source of nourishment, especially at this time when her organs have not fully matured and there is a raging pandemic.