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On April 11, National Artist for Literature Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera turned 80 years old. Why is the man regarded as a giant in Philippine literature? What makes him outstanding as an artist? is reposting an article about Lumbera written in 2005.

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Data from the Gabriela Women’s Party show that there is one death every two hours due to complications during pregnancy. Eleven women are dying everyday. Gabriela’s landmark bill can provide much needed relief to poverty-stricken women and their families by ensuring full access to health services.

The death on Friday of Lourdes E. Simbulan, a UP journalism professor and one of the country’s outstanding journalists, has brought to the fore yet again the issue of road safety, specifically road accidents on major highways caused mostly by bus drivers. While there is no doubt that these reckless drivers should be held criminally liable for their actions, there is also the matter of their working conditions that, for all practical purposes, ensure that accidents like the one that killed Simbulan would occur.