Back Story: Women’s voice absent in RH bill debate

The debate over the reproductive health bill is heating up with the men of the cloth, the Bishops, threatening to launch a civil disobedience campaign and the men of power, President Aquino and his spokespersons, threatening to file inciting to sedition cases against those who would refuse to pay taxes as part of a civil disobedience campaign. Even in the Lower House, two men, Rep. Edcel Lagman and Rep. Manny Pacquiao, crossed swords during a plenary session. It’s as if it is the men who are affected by the absence or the enactment of a reproductive health bill.

Absence in the debate is the voice of women who would be greatly affected by the rejection or enactment of a reproductive health bill. In reality, viewing reproductive health from the perspective only of population control is, as aptly described by Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan a “myopic view.” As Bulatlat’s contribution to the debate, we are reposting this article describing Gabriela’s reproductive health bill.

‘Take population control out of RH bill’ – Gabriela

Gabriela Pushes for Enactment of Comprehensive Reproductive Health Bill

Women speak in support of reproductive health bill

Reproductive Health, A Simple Yet Complicated Issue

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