Senate chides Parlade, military for red tagging progressives

“The recklessness in making such inaccurate and inconsistent public pronouncements causes not only damage to the reputation of those identified, but also weakens the credibility of the government in safeguarding the security of the State. To earn the trust and confidence of the people, they must prove the legitimacy of their means used in gathering information and the credibility of their evidence.”

Kin of drug-related killings to Justice Sec. Guevarra: Domestic mechanisms have allowed impunity

Rise Up for Life and for Rights said that the initial findings of the inter-agency panel tasked to review the drug-related killings in the country only “proved the point in the cases of families whose loved ones have been killed – that they were killed in cold blood and that there was cover-up by the police and authorities, while the President cheered them on.”

Prosecutor junks charges vs 10 Marikina relief volunteers

“This positive development is proof the relief volunteers, comprised of teachers and jeepney drivers, are innocent and that the Philippine National Police has indeed abused their authority to illegally arrest and detain them. This is a slap on ‘mananita king’ and PNP chief Debold Sinas’ face, who previously insisted that charges should be pursued against Marikina 10.”