‘Elections in PH not free and fair’ – int’l observers mission

The group released its interim report on May 19 noting that this year’s elections were “marred by a higher level of failure of the electronic voting system than ever before, along with rampant vote-buying, disturbing levels of state and military orchestrated red-tagging of candidates and parties including numerous incidents of deadly violence.”

Academics call for defense of historical truth, academic freedom

“We want to bring out a strong statement in defense of historical truth against the unrelenting efforts to revise the historical record of plunder and human rights violations during Martial Law and the entire Marcos era. We also commit ourselves to defend the exercise of academic freedom, resist all forms of censorship such as book-banning, and oppose all attempts at red-tagging.”

Martial law victims ask High Court to disqualify Marcos Jr.

“We assert that a convict, liar, and unrepentant son of an ousted dictator like Marcos Jr. should have never been allowed to run for public office, let alone the highest position in the land. The Supreme Court must uphold truth, justice, and democracy, and heed our calls to disqualify Marcos Jr. now.”

Marie Hilao-Enriquez, not an ordinary mother

“Marie dedicated her life in advancing and defending people’s rights – and in the face of a massive human rights crisis in the Philippines as well as the threat of a Marcos restoration and Duterte extension, we turn towards Marie’s life and legacy as a courageous human rights defender as our guiding light in the continuing struggle against tyranny and fascism.”