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Bill lowering age of criminal liability passes second reading

“The House leadership pulled the strings to close the curtain on the period of interpellation and debate — despite the fact that the bill’s sponsor has failed to convincingly and substantially explain the rationale for rushing the measure. This is a cowardly act to constrict the space for legislative scrutiny of the patently insane measure.”

Duterte’s tirades vs. Church meant to quell growing resistance against him, says revolutionary priest

The attacks against the Catholic Church are not said “out of concern or just personal rancor” but to stop the “people from uniting and putting an end to his wicked and bloodthirsty puppet regime” as church workers are working on uniting the Filipinos to “wield their collective power to gain collective good.”

Full Text: Securities and Exchange Commission Memorandum No. 15

Copy of the 11-page memorandum of the Securities and Exchange Commission on its effort to supposedly protect non-government agencies from money laundering and terrorist financial abuses. However, human rights groups are quick to point out that this is yet another move of the Duterte administration to quell dissent, especially by groups that are critical of his policies such as the war against drugs.