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Tondo volunteer teachers denounce red-tagging, surveillance

“The harassment faced by the leaders of SMTH deeply troubles us. It prompts us to reflect on why the military is targeting this community-based, cause-oriented group that is simply advocating for their fundamental rights to housing and livelihood.”

Groups commend UN expert’s recommendations, urge government to heed advice

Rights groups said UN Special Rapporteur Ian Fry’s visit to the country “puts on center stage the sinister role played by the NTF-ELCAC and the dangerous impact of the terror law on the lives and safety of environmental human rights defenders in the country.” 

Solon sues ex-president Duterte over threat to kill her

“Though factually baseless and clearly malicious, I cannot merely dismiss Respondent Duterte’s red-tagging and accompanying grave threats as either figurative, joking, or otherwise benign considering that many victims of extrajudicial killings, illegal arrest and detentions, excommunicado confinements, forced disappearances and other analogous attacks were called or labeled ‘communists,’ members or supporters of the NPA, “terrorists,” and like labels before they were attacked.”

Progressive groups air concerns on CBCP’s joining NTF-ELCAC

For Karapatan, this recent development is “obviously part of the NTF-ELCAC’s so-called ‘whole of nation approach’ of harnessing all available resources to surveil, profile, red-tag, marginalize, persecute and inflict other human rights violations against the poor and other critical voices, including the institutional church.”