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Closer scrutiny of human rights in the Phl

UN Special Rapporteur for extra-legal killings Agnes Callamard, speaking for several other special rapporteurs at another activity, recommended among others twin actions: for the Council to establish an on-the-ground international investigation into alleged HRVs in the Philippines, while continuing to monitor and report on the prevailing conditions; and for its member-states to “apply sanctions against Philippine government officials who [may be found] to have committed, have initiated or failed to investigate or prevent HRVs, including arbitrary killings.”

Gov’t body to probe killings; can it ever deliver justice?

However, doubts have been raised over whether the investigating body can truly undertake an impartial investigation into the two latest EJKs and other cases. You’ll find the reasonable ground for these doubts after looking into the nature, composition and apparent inertia of the investigating body.

Anti-terror law alarms a wide range of groups

As of last Thursday, at least 16 petitions had already been filed before the Supreme Court, asking it to strike down the new Anti-Terrorism Act (RA 11479) – either in its entirety or several of its provisions assailed for their “vagueness” and “overbreadth/over-reach” – for violating the Constitution. The law, passage of which was railroaded…

What makes a rebel different from a terrorist

The new Anti-Terrorism Act, which takes effect tomorrow, July 19, is being challenged before the Supreme Court by eight petitions so far filed by different groups. It should open an interesting debate, involving not just the activists and the political commentators but more so the general public which has often suffered the disastrous consequences of…

Ambivalence toward the Left and peace talks

Over the last four years of Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s presidency, we may have gotten used to seeing, hearing, or reading about how he has tended to say one thing and, in the same instance, he walks back on that statement and states the opposite. This happened again last Tuesday during his weekly late-night televised address…