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Progressive groups air concerns on CBCP’s joining NTF-ELCAC

For Karapatan, this recent development is “obviously part of the NTF-ELCAC’s so-called ‘whole of nation approach’ of harnessing all available resources to surveil, profile, red-tag, marginalize, persecute and inflict other human rights violations against the poor and other critical voices, including the institutional church.”

People’s Initiative vs pork barrel, political dynasty gets support of CBCP

“In order to put a final lid on the pork barrel system, specifically in the legislative and executive branches of government, we support the proposal from anti-pork barrel groups in the whole country that the sovereign people use the 1987 Philippine Constitution provision on the passage of a law through the people’s initiative.” – Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma

Even if Aquino manages to get a bigger share in the mining firms’ declared profits, it would be nothing compared to the mining firms’ profits and worth of ‘plundered’ wealth.

PRESS STATEMENT 16 August 2011 MANILA — The Government of the Philippines (GPH, formerly designated as the GRP) has really gone berserk in its extremely irresponsible disinformation campaign against the revolutionary movement in connection with the recent arrest of four (4) Prisoners of War (POWs) and three detainees under the custody of the New People’s…

Bulatlat.com The illegal arrest and continued detention of the “Morong 43” in a military facility represent serious threat to the civil liberties of the Filipino people, Bishop Nereo P. Odchimar, D.D., president of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said yesterday in behalf of CBCP. The CBCP said they follow with grave concern the…