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Progressive groups air concerns on CBCP’s joining NTF-ELCAC

For Karapatan, this recent development is “obviously part of the NTF-ELCAC’s so-called ‘whole of nation approach’ of harnessing all available resources to surveil, profile, red-tag, marginalize, persecute and inflict other human rights violations against the poor and other critical voices, including the institutional church.”

‘EO 33 to be used against progressive, human rights groups’

“With EO 33, which calls for more stringent implementation of FATF recommendations, we can anticipate its dire results: the designation as terrorists of even more political activists and the curtailment of even more pro-people and development-oriented programs on false and malicious accusations of terrorist linkages.”

PH refuses to accede to ICC, review anti-terror law

By RATZIEL SAN JUAN Altermidya MANILA — The Philippine UPR Watch, a delegation of human rights defenders and advocates participating in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, frowned upon the Philippine government’s response to the UPR recommendations. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has adopted the UPR outcome of the Philippines. Out of 289…

Rights group blames draconian government policies to the non-resolution of extrajudicial killings

Karapatan called for the UN Human Rights Council and UN Special Procedures to conduct an independent investigation of extrajudicial killings and other rights violations. “These international organizations should see through the Marcos Jr. government’s attempts to window-dress the dire human rights situation in the country.”