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Lab Notes | Would granular lockdowns in Metro Manila work in the face of a Delta surge?

Assuming that the areas under granular lockdown are identified as potential sources of infection, what interventions are being done to ensure the risk of transmission is mitigated or even bring down infections? How are tracing and testing protocols being implemented? In the case of indoor establishments and workplaces, what engineering and administrative controls are in place? In the context of airborne transmission of COVID-19, disinfections are simply not enough.

Root Access | Pursuing digital justice in the Philippines

Filipinos have the right to be properly informed of and have control over the collection, storage, processing, and transmission of their data. The government must prepare and equip the people with the knowledge, tools, and safeguards against possible ill effects of digitalization, automation, AI, and other social and technical changes.

Lab Notes | DENR is tone deaf to the plight of fisherfolk in Cavite

The fisherfolk themselves fear that they will lose their livelihood. Why is DENR invalidating this concern? Reclaiming the coasts of Cavite to make way for big business will involve not only the demolition of illegal structures but even those owned by licensed owners. Eventually, the fisherfolk will be at the disadvantage.