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PH groups commemorate ‘Nakba’ in support of Palestine

During the protest, Filipino activists decried that the Philippines is next only to India in terms of purchases of armaments from Israel amounting to billions. Last year alone, a $114 million contract between the Philippines and the Israeli government was forged for refurbishing two planes for intelligence gathering. Such contracts, the group said, help fund Israel’s genocidal wars against the Palestinian people.

Balik-Tanaw | Still God’s love is everlasting

The readings for this last Sunday of Advent are full of “messianic expectation”. They exude a hope and trust which has endured through occupation and exile and grown stronger in persecution. It is a hope centred on the key promise of God given to David, that David’s house and his kingdom would be established forever (2 Sam.7:16). After the Exile, the people longed for another David, the shepherd boy anointed by God who became a great warrior, defeated enemies in battle and united the 12 tribes around Jerusalem. With the defeat of the Davidic dynasty the people asked where was God’s promise? We see the struggle of the community with this dilemma in the Royal Psalms. Psalm 89 begins praising God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to all generations but this trust in God is being tested as the psalmist laments “where is thy steadfast love of old, which by thy faithfulness thou did swear to David” (v49).

By BHEA BIANCA PLAMINGCO and MA. KATHLEN G. HITOSISBulatlat.com MANILA – On International Human Rights Day, Filipino progressives raised the issue of the continuing suffering of the Palestinian people as the US government recently vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that called for a ceasefire. Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay likened the ongoing attacks against…