Creativity and the broad united front

…creativity is a response to the urgent question of “How do we get across our struggles despite material limitations thaw we face? What strategies of organizing, educational activities can be done overcome the same limitations?” As for building the broad coalitions with multi-class character, she stresses that “being honest and open about difference and not turning a blind eye to contradictions create a healthy space of cooperation and criticism; and where people will be encouraged to exercise political maturity to overcome a common enemy.”

Pambansang wika at ang panghahalimaw ng NTF-ELCAC

Wala sa lugar ni kakayahan ng NTF-ELCAC na magsuri ng mga akda. Kung gustong magsulat nila Badoy at Celiz ng literaturang “di subersibo,” magsulat sila. Ngunit malaking insulto sa utak nating mga Pilipino na diktahan ng isang “task force” para sugpuin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan ang ating sensibilidad, panlasa at kakayahang magproseso ng nababasa at bumuo ng sariling kritika.

BLOOD RUSH | Edel Garcellano’s Decolonial Project*

Garcellano’s “The Philippines As Yugoslavia Revisited” wields academic freedom as a tool to crystallize the best aspects of so-called competing paradigms. But this is less an affirmation of the “marketplace of ideas,” a faux heterodoxy that has no other function but to fragment and marginalize in the name of pluralism than Garcellano’s thoughtful engagement with dialectical thought and totality.