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Question Everything | Keywords, sound bites, and newsmakers of 2022

After half a year in power, the dictator’s son proved that he was no champion of human rights and freedom of expression. Impunity has persisted as evidenced in the killing of radio broadcaster Percy Lapid. Tokhang became Bida but extrajudicial killings did not stop. Red-tagging remains the de facto policy of the state in dealing with critics and activists despite the claim of the Justice secretary that it is only a term invented by the Left.

Church people endorse VP Leni as president

“With our current political-economic turmoil and the pandemic situation in the Philippines, we firmly believe that Vice President Leni Robredo, a God-fearing person, is the most capable candidate for the Presidency, and we urge our constituents, if possible, to consider the same.”

Ferdinand Marcos: The hero that never was

  Five years ago today, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was given a hero’s burial, much to the dismay of the victims of martial law. Bulatlat compiled stories on the horrors of martial law. Let the dead bury their dead “Cemetery of Heroes” is the English translation of “Libingan ng mga Bayani,” where burying the remains of…