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Remembering and moving Forward: Jose Maria Sison’s select writings published as part of year-long study campaign

The book also tackles Sison’s insights on patiently building the mass movement and the proletarian international duty to support the revolutions going on in countries at the forefront of imperialist struggles such as Turkey, Philippines, Palestine, and India. It also contains his solidarity statements for militant Filipino LGBTQ+ organizations, national students federation of Pakistan, anniversary statements for progressive organizations, and statements on ongoing debates about global issues.

Creativity and the broad united front

…creativity is a response to the urgent question of “How do we get across our struggles despite material limitations thaw we face? What strategies of organizing, educational activities can be done overcome the same limitations?” As for building the broad coalitions with multi-class character, she stresses that “being honest and open about difference and not turning a blind eye to contradictions create a healthy space of cooperation and criticism; and where people will be encouraged to exercise political maturity to overcome a common enemy.”

Why Filipinos need to read Joma

As millennials and Gen Z are generations raised in the age of the Internet, generations constantly subjected to the aspirations of popular culture – the culture of instant gratification, the cult of consumerism, there is an urgent need to turn to revolutionary writings like that of Sison not only as a way to counteract the dominant consumerist culture, but to regain a sense of radicalism unsullied by the passing fads and distractions of the present digital age.

Question Everything | Banning Joma Sison on social media sets a dangerous precedent

One does not need to subscribe to Sison’s political doctrines to see the ban as an act of censorship. If not challenged, the ban can be expanded and used as a tactic to enforce digital crackdowns. It gives tyrants the license to dictate who or what can be accessed or streamed on our networks. It is therefore a threat to our civic space.