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Struggle for liberation of Palestine, every Muslim’s obligation

Israel has been a threat, not only to its people, but to its entire region. With the support of the US government, it has continued to build nuclear arsenal and weapons through the years, bombing and destroying houses, properties of innocent Palestinians. This is despite the several warnings issued by the United Nations.

Global food security crisis not merely a ‘logistics’ issue

Treating the current global food crisis as a ‘logistics’ issue glosses over the fact that it roots from decades of imperialist plunder, land grabbing, trade monopolies, and neoliberal policies espoused by International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, and other international financial institutions.

Dark Clouds over Manila

Nazi fascists, Japanese militarists, Spanish Falangistas – Notes on a reactionary tripartite alliance during World War II By Dr. Rainer Werning 75 years after the end of World War II it is again timely to also remember a German connection in instilling militarism, fascism and racism into the minds of Filipinos – at least segments…