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COVID-19: Paracetamol, ibuprofen and other anti-fever drugs should be avoided

The WHO should not expect at this time, while the pandemic is raging, to find published clinical and population-based studies specifically showing these negative effects in COVID-19 patients. Their main concern should be to protect COVID-19 patients from unnecessary risks because of irrational use of anti-fever drugs.

Open letter of appeal for an ‘Iran Solution’ for Philippine prisons

To: Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra Bureau of Corrections Director General Gerald Bantag Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Director Allan Iral The Philippine prison system has the highest congestion rate in the world at 605%. Overcrowded cells and the direst lack of the barest essentials for health—nutritious food, clean…

Resistance, unity and hope: A look-back at the year 2018

Lets’ take a brief review of the events and actions that shaped the year 2018. It was undoubtedly a year of fierce resistance, unity and unshakeable hope. We pay tribute to all those who made sacrifices in defense of our rights and freedoms. We celebrate the big and small victories in our never-ending fight for change. We note the huge challenges we face under a regime of tyrany. We stand firm knowing that the people remain our source of hope and strength.

Democratic Space | From the Holy Week 2018 fearless Filipinos will arise to transform the country

Holy Week 2018 is a crucial opportunity for radical conversion. Jesus who has suffered so much for us, Filipinos, is inviting us participate in his crucifixion, death and resurrection so that without any fear and hesitation we participate in the transformation of the country. By FR. PETE MONTALLANA While waiting for my turn to…

Since the Duterte Administration took over, their supposed mission was to eradicate drugs including other serious problems of the Philippines like poverty. In the article of Almi Atienza, Germelina Lacorte, Kate Pedroso and Rafael Antonio entitled ‘Traffic, poverty must also be Duterte’s priorities’ published by Inquirer Mindanao last October 6, 2016, they stated that the…