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Katips as eye-opener

But what perhaps connects to the viewers are grief and the grim reality of state repression. When some activists were abducted, their torture scenes seem to be lifted straight from testimonies of Martial Law victims. Name every method and it gets shown here. Here, the film becomes art that disturbs those who had lived in the comfort that Martial Law.

Martial law survivors demand genuine apology, continue fight for justice

“We vow to continue the claim for reparation and recognition of thousand more victims by pushing for a better reparations law. We vow to continue to claim our hard-won non-monetary benefits, as mandated in RA 10368 or Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013. We will continue to resist the historical distortion peddled by the Marcoses and their apologists, and the return of the $6 billion more that the Marcoses stole from the Filipino people.”

Bulatlat Special Coverage: People’s Agenda 2022

As Filipinos return to the polling precinct next month, Bulatlat, the Philippines’ longest-running online alternative news and authority in human rights reporting, has revisited the stand of those running for president and vice president on issues confronting the marginalized and the oppressed. This is part of Bulatlat’s commitment to truth-telling, defending press freedom, and resisting…

Martial law dictatorship red-tagged bishop, two nuns

Many citizens today, particularly the youth, may think that the Duterte administration invented red-tagging. But they should not be surprised to learn that almost 50 years ago – under his martial-law one-man rule – Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was already sticking that label on those who openly criticized and opposed him. Certainly, the term “red-tagging” was not in use then, but the alleged acts invoked fitted those in the above-cited definitions.