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For Ground Zero IDPs, there’s no going back 

The landscape has changed. There is no restoring the landmarks of the bustling Marawi city center of old, its commercial area called Padian, and houses, mosques and schools. And for the people of MAA (most affected area) who fled the city in May 2017 leaving everything behind, 127,309 of them according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, there is no going back.

Groups call for immediate release of peasant leader, Lumad teacher in Mindanao

“In light of the closure of Lumad schools on the basis of unverified and malicious military reports, such [arrests] are indicative of incessant violations against indigenous and peasant communities.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL MANILA – Different groups assailed the recent arrests of a peasant leader and two Lumad volunteer teachers on Oct. 10…

SC allows Mary Jane Veloso to testify against recruiters

“With this ruling, we are hopeful that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will come out and that not only will it decisively and ultimately impel Indonesia to make her reprieve permanent or free her by any legal or political means, that all the perpetrators of the misery she went through will be made to pay, but also that this precedent will contribute to providing succor to many others who will be victims of circumstance and injustice which can all be traced from our economic and social ills.”