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Kin insulted by gov’t move to delist enforced disappearances cases from UN records

“You took Jonas away from us. Now, you want the history of Jonas’ own abduction and disappearance erased from history. Stop abducting your own citizens. The ones who should be made to pay for the violations are the very criminals within your ranks.”

Why the rush? | Family of peace advocate Casambre asks CIDG on premature fly-out to Davao

“We wonder what the rush is all about. Of course they may cite court orders and logistics. But really, whisking away from lawyers, friends and kin a sick, frail and gentle though firm old man of peace like that to a far-flung place where they allege him to have murdered and attempted to kill government soldiers?”

What you need to know about the ongoing cyber-attacks vs. alternative news Bulatlat

What is Bulatlat? Bulatlat is an online news magazine established after the ouster of former President Joseph Estrada. Press freedom advocates and human rights defenders gathered to form the news agency to tap the then booming internet in the country to help explain issues and government policies and to contribute towards shaping public opinion by…