Lab Notes | Scientists and technologists say no to tyranny

There are many other instances of how S&T has been shunned and misused in the name of self-interests of those in power. This should also show you not only the ongoing tyranny in the Philippines, but also how it negatively affects science and technology either by disregarding scientific advice if it doesn’t suit the administration’s narrative, or cherry-picking concepts when it furthers their vested interests. That is why there is a need, a responsibility in fact, for us scientists, technologists, and engineers to push back against such oppression, to collectively say no to tyranny. This is the foundation upon which the Scientists and Technologists Say No To Tyranny or (SnT) 2 alliance was built upon.

2017: Overcoming challenges towards forging genuine national development

When Rodrigo Duterte became president in mid-2016, many were confident that he would bring about genuine change in the country. Included in these hopefuls are the science and technology community, positive that his administration would cease the passive path on tackling scientific development treaded on by previous presidents, and instead undergo a track that will…

Science for a sustainable future

By JM Ayuste For the second time, scientist-activist group AGHAM participated in the commemoration of World Science Day for Peace and Development (WSDPD) last November 10. The WSDPD was initiated by UNESCO back in 2001 to raise public awareness on the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and societies. WSDPD is…