Hail to the (Endo) King!

Sy may indeed be a hardworking man. But so are his conglomerate’s employees. With Sy’s determined use of neoliberal policies such as contractualization, the fruits of tens of thousands of his employees’ hard work go largely to his companies’ profits. Here lies the unheralded side of his Forbes-topping net worth, the secret to his centavo to billion peso taipan tale and why labor groups are raising their placards to hail the Endo King.

In the Philippines, a dam struggle spans generations, inspires songs of unity for the environment

By MARYA SALAMAT This is one of the reports in a series produced by Bulatlat.com with the Asia-Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Media Fellowship. The series aims to report on linkages between gender, ecological conflicts and climate change.   MANILA — Two proofs stand out today showing how long and how determined…