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Jeepney drivers plea for aid, resumption of operations 

“Thousands of commuters are forced to use more expensive modes of transportation, walk or use bikes to go to work. The Duterte administration continues to have no plans to address the problems of our mass transport system which has gotten worse because of government incompetence during the COVID-19 pandemic.” BY REIN TARINAY Bulatlat.com MANILA— With…

In lockdown: Kings of the road sidelined

“We don’t want aid, what we need is to get our livelihood back. What can we get from the government’s aid? A few kilos of rice and cans of sardines? Those aren’t even enough to feed our family for a day. Our request is to get our livelihood back, we’re not expecting the government to help us, so can they at least allow us to help ourselves?”

‘Youthquake 2.0’ | Youth and students show strength amid Duterte regime’s ‘rising tyranny’

MANILA — The youth showed their strength on Feb. 23 as they flooded the streets with calls denouncing the “anti-people policies of the President Duterte administration.” Dubbed as National Protest for Rights, Freedom, and Democracy, youth and students from different universities and colleges nationwide walked out from their classes carrying calls to defend press freedom,…

Transport Strike set against Govt ‘PR’ to replace, move jeepneys to big biz

The selling price of the new jeepneys the government wanted the operators to purchase ranged from P1.5 million to P1.6 million ($27,840 to $31.82). Under a seven-year loan package with interest, the final price would be more than P2 million each, making the government-vetted jeepney as costly as a sports utility vehicle.