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Jeepney drivers still no route of hope

More than a year after the Philippine government first imposed strict lockdown to “contain” COVID-19 transmission, more and more jeepney drivers still plea for financial aid as most of them have yet to recover from the hunger and poverty brought by the government’s COVID-19 response. By REIN TARINAY Bulatlat.com MANILA — His jeepney and a…

Transport Strike set against Govt ‘PR’ to replace, move jeepneys to big biz

The selling price of the new jeepneys the government wanted the operators to purchase ranged from P1.5 million to P1.6 million ($27,840 to $31.82). Under a seven-year loan package with interest, the final price would be more than P2 million each, making the government-vetted jeepney as costly as a sports utility vehicle.