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(Photo courtesy of Kathy Yamzon)
(Photo courtesy of Kathy Yamzon)

Since the Duterte Administration took over, their supposed mission was to eradicate drugs including other serious problems of the Philippines like poverty. In the article of Almi Atienza, Germelina Lacorte, Kate Pedroso and Rafael Antonio entitled ‘Traffic, poverty must also be Duterte’s priorities’ published by Inquirer Mindanao last October 6, 2016, they stated that the present administration should give attention not only to the war on drugs but also to the issue of poverty. Focusing on one specific problem is not really promoting an ‘ideal change’. They should give equal attention to the grievances of the people.

Regarding this topic, I can say that poverty is one of the roots of crime. In some cases, those people who are committing crimes like drugs do not have enough source of livelihood to raise their families. They are stuck between the two options: to live or to die.These people are finding alternative ways just to have money, so why shouldn’t we consider their concerns? These people need to be prioritized too.

Don’t let this small hole of poverty turn into a bigger one that will eventually swallow the whole country up. We better take action by solving the root of the problem. In doing so, its branches will eventually be solved as well.

Roxanne I. Arija
Grade 11 student of Marist School, Marikina

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