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Question Everything | Banning Joma Sison on social media sets a dangerous precedent

One does not need to subscribe to Sison’s political doctrines to see the ban as an act of censorship. If not challenged, the ban can be expanded and used as a tactic to enforce digital crackdowns. It gives tyrants the license to dictate who or what can be accessed or streamed on our networks. It is therefore a threat to our civic space.

Rights group urges Facebook, CHR to probe digital security threats

“Hundreds more are reporting duplicate dummy accounts, and with millions of Filipinos using Facebook as part of their daily lives, we are urgently concerned these accounts are part of a massive and orchestrated campaign to further weaponize the platform against activists, human rights defenders, and even ordinary individuals airing dissent.”

ROOT ACCESS Rick Bahague Bulatlat.com Mahigit 37M na ang mamamayan na gumagamit ng internet sa bansa. Sa kabila ng pupugak-pugak na mobile internet 63% sa kanila ang subscribers nito at gumugugol ng apat na oras sa social media. Facebook ang nangungunang online social media network at 34 milyon sa mga gumagamit ng internet ay matatagpuan…