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Question Everything | Banning Joma Sison on social media sets a dangerous precedent

One does not need to subscribe to Sison’s political doctrines to see the ban as an act of censorship. If not challenged, the ban can be expanded and used as a tactic to enforce digital crackdowns. It gives tyrants the license to dictate who or what can be accessed or streamed on our networks. It is therefore a threat to our civic space.

Question Everything | Ligalig at social media

Narito tayo sa libro. Bilang netizen na social media ang almusal, freelancer na litong araw-gabi ang pasok sa trabaho, botante, aktibista, artista, konsyumer prosumer, at tagaliklha ng luma at bagong impormasyon, mga humaharap at pinangingibabawan ang mga ‘digital kuyog’, mga indibidwal na naghahanap ng pag-ibig, kilig, at saysay sa buhay.

Activism as cure to information disorder

Activism is our fact-checking initiative against so-called “fake news.” We cannot engage in politics without a proper social investigation. Mao Zedong has a succinct quote for it: “No investigation, no right to speak”. Our statements must be grounded on the reality that affects the masses. We articulate the social condition based on verifiable facts.

Military’s plan to regulate social media tantamount to censorship, rights groups say

“They have repeatedly weaponized social media to proliferate blatant and dangerous fabrications against activists and critics through red-tagging, or when local officials post violent ‘shoot-to-kill’ threats against the public — violent threats hewn directly from the president’s own violent and terroristic threats.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat.com MANILA – Human rights alliance Karapatan said…

Social Media for Advocacies, Change

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective What started as a platform for updating, interacting with and expanding a person’s network of friends and a venue for self-expression, social media sites and tools have evolved through the years. According to an article published by the website Small Business Trends in May 8, 2013 entitled Complete History of…