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Balik-Tanaw | The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

On the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist shows us that the way forward is not to focus on ourselves and on our “truths” but to move toward others, especially those who are in need, as Jesus Christ had shown us in his life, ministry, passion and resurrection. There are no alternative truths and we cannot own the truth.

Balik-Tanaw | Loyalty to God alone, God will prevail

When God becomes secondary, the following “10 D’s” are bound to happen in our life especially as consecrated people- Decentralisation, Disillusionment, Demotivation, Deflowering, Disaffection, Disorientation, Degeneration, Depression, Deviation and Destruction! We are being challenged to reflect and discover in our daily life how these “10 D’s” take form as God becomes secondary in our life due to temptations by the devil.

Balik-Tanaw | Friends and Enemies

We Christians participate in national election as part of our democratic privilege and responsibility. We are told today who our enemies and friends are. Certainly Jesus sides with the poor and the oppressed in history. Unless the rich man had a change of mind and gave a portion of his wealth to the poor, and stand in solidarity with the poor, I think we know who our enemies are.