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Group defends Bayan Muna solon vs NCIP-backed tribe leaders

“The NCIP’s so-called ‘datus’ vaguely label Rep. Cullamat’s participation in the protest as a ‘disrespectful act.’ We ask these datus: how is speaking in a peaceful protest action ‘disrespectful?’ How is the exercise of one’s democratic rights a rational basis for banning an elected representative from her own ancestral community?”

Address the roots of the armed conflict, red-tagged activists say

“You think you can kill a movement by persecuting them? You do not know history. If you see the history of the Catholic church, it only grew when there were martyrs whose blood actually watered the seed that was sown by Jesus Christ. So if you think that you will break the movement, you will break dissent by persecuting, you are very much mistaken.”

State audit sought for Meralco’s past energy sales, purchases

The validation of such records “can lead to the correction of the distribution charges of Meralco to the residential and commercial customers.” By MARLO MADRIGAL Bulatlat.com MANILA — Consumer groups urged the government to review the finances of the country’s biggest electricity provider after finding a P66-billion discrepancy from its purchased supply. In a statement,…

‘Use national government’s P6.10 billion of quick response funds for COVID-19 response’ – solon

“Instead of overburdening the LGUs, particularly the barangays, the concerned executive departments with embedded QRF should also maximize the use of these funds to immediately augment the needs of our people to combat COVID-19 and its effects.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat.com MANILA – Bayan Muna called on all departments of the national government…

#KuwentongBM: Campaigning for Bayan Muna in 2001

As BM-Youth campaigners, we saw the election as an effective platform to broadcast our programs, organize young voters, and expand our presence in schools and communities. We formed new alliances, learned some of the intricacies of electoral tactics, and improved our way of communicating our messages to different types of voters.

As progressive partylist Bayan Muna turns 20 this year, its three lawmakers in the incoming 18th Congress of the House of Representatives must rise to the various challenges these days under the Duterte administration: looming fascist rule, allowing of foreign intervention, and the dire human rights situation in the country, to name a few. Bayan…