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Presidential candidates’ stand on the West Philippine Sea and beyond

For the fisherfolk of Zambales, this election is an opportunity to be heard of their hardships as the tension in the West Philippine Sea continues. Should these politicians win, they vow to hold them to account and make sure these are campaign jokes no more.

Bulatlat Special Coverage: People’s Agenda 2022

As Filipinos return to the polling precinct next month, Bulatlat, the Philippines’ longest-running online alternative news and authority in human rights reporting, has revisited the stand of those running for president and vice president on issues confronting the marginalized and the oppressed. This is part of Bulatlat’s commitment to truth-telling, defending press freedom, and resisting…

Social media giants urged to provide stricter measures vs. disinformation as PH elections draw near

“Respective managements of online platforms are not taking enough steps to address how politicians use social media apps to peddle lies to thousands and even millions of citizens. These companies should not serve as conduits for historical distortion that assists in installing tyrants to top government positions.”