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Question Everything | Ship of State

The protest of Masinloc fishers highlighted the lack of attention given to ordinary people as officials relish their token role in the geopolitical ‘game of thrones’ in the Asia-Pacific. On one hand, they are bullied by oversized Chinese vessels in our own territory; but they are also barred from fishing during Balikatan war games. Dynamite fishing has been outlawed yet US troops used a missile to blow up a warship in Zambales.

High court ruling on West PH Sea exploration, a warning to Marcos Jr. not to enter lopsided deals

A Filipino fisherfolk group lauded the recent decision of the Supreme Court that ruled the 2005 Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) as unconstitutional, saying that it provides more reason for the Marcos Jr. administration not to forge a joint gas and oil exploration with China at the expense of the country’s sovereignty.

Expanding US military presence in Phl bases

Looking at all these, one can surmise the rise of probable national security risk should a militarily powerful country deemed as enemy by the US opt to make a preemptive attack on the US facilities inside Philippine bases (a prospect which President Duterte has said he dreads). And with American soldiers practically being present year-round, the old social ills entailed by their previous presence, such as the prostituting of women near the bases, are likely to worsen.