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Youth groups dare senatorial hopefuls to put forward youth agenda

Aside from the free public education, included in their agenda are decent jobs for the youth and the people; improved healthcare and other social services; clean and affordable energy, water and utilities; increased awareness and focus on mental health; better telecommunications and internet; good governance and youth empowerment; promotion of democratic rights in and out of campuses; gender equality and end to discrimination and environmental preservation and climate action.

‘Youthquake 2.0’ | Youth and students show strength amid Duterte regime’s ‘rising tyranny’

MANILA — The youth showed their strength on Feb. 23 as they flooded the streets with calls denouncing the “anti-people policies of the President Duterte administration.” Dubbed as National Protest for Rights, Freedom, and Democracy, youth and students from different universities and colleges nationwide walked out from their classes carrying calls to defend press freedom,…