‘It’s the same old tune of neoliberalism for Marcos Jr.’s 2nd SONA’

In his second SONA, Marcos Jr. sang the same old tune on his supposed economic achievements and platforms that have never truly benefited the ordinary folk. By ARNOLD PADILLA Bulatlat.com MANILA – “Dumating na po ang Bagong Pilipinas,” (The New Philippines has come.) declared Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in his second State of the Nation Address…

SONA 2022: Why Marcos Jr. economic blueprint will make the nation, ordinary folk suffer

Marcos Jr.’s priority is to ensure that the neoliberal policies that his predecessor President Rodrigo Duterte passed are maximized to create the most favorable environment for big businesses, including foreign capital. To become an investment destination, the administration will provide massive tax breaks to corporations through the CREATE Law and provide foreign companies more profit-making opportunities with the amended laws on public services and foreign investments.

Analysis | Record oil price hikes: People must rage against neoliberalism

According to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), there is “no physical shortage” of oil. So, what is happening then? As in the case of major oil price volatilities this century, excessive speculation in the oil derivatives markets is pushing up prices, not the disruptions in oil’s actual or physical trading.