Tariffication to worsen dependence on imported rice

While not a guarantee to lower prices in the long run, opening up the rice sector to unbridled imports leaves the country’s rice security at the mercy of an unpredictable and increasingly unreliable world market. This happens as 95 percent of Philippine rice imports come from just two countries whose own domestic production is either slowing down or declining. Globally, rice production has been steadily decelerating in the past four decades.

‘Endo’ kings not in DOLE list are Duterte’s friends

What could possibly explain the exclusion of these giant conglomerates – two of the biggest not only in the Philippines but also in the Asian region? By ARNOLD PADILLA Bulatlat.com MANILA — The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has recently released a list of 20 firms that it said are engaged or suspected to…

By ARNOLD PADILLA Bulatlat.com MANILA — In 2012, the dominant theme peddled by the Aquino administration was “good governance is good economics”. Malacañang’s hoax is that the “daang matuwid” (righteous path) has created a favorable environment for inclusive economic growth. From being the sick man of Asia, the Philippines now brims with vitality. Or so,…

Consumers face continuing injustice as they shoulder additional power costs (on top of possible rotating brownouts) while Meralco delays accounting for its over-collections that could reach more than P7 billion. Thus, it is very reasonable for consumers to demand that whatever planned rate increases by Meralco must be disallowed by the ERC.