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By MARYA SALAMAT Bulatlat.com MANILA — Ongoing until Feb 28 is an art exhibit that seeks to visualize the state of impunity in the Philippines. Nothing has changed in “the brazenness in the commission of human rights violations in the country,” said the End Impunity Alliance, the group that put up the exhibit. Two years…

“After a year and a half in office, President Aquino should be delivering on his promise to end impunity for rights abuses.” – Human Rights Watch
“I think that the Philippine government knows what to do [but] we don’t see the will to stop the culture of impunity.” – Amnesty International

A group of human-rights lawyers has vowed to take what it called a “legal offensive” to curb impunity and advance the cause of human rights in the Philippines.

Sidebar: Photo Contest Highlights Fight Vs. Impunity in Philippines

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Analysis Bulatlat.com When Fernando Baldomero a Bayan Muna member in Kalibo, Aklan and Jose Daguio a radio broadcaster from Tabuk, Kalinga were killed, we said this should serve as wake up call for Pres. Benigno Aquino III to address other serious problems besetting the country as well, especially the impunity in killings.…

It’s a shame for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that she will exit the presidency with yet another killing of a journalist in Mindanao, that of Mati City broadcaster Desiderio ‘Jessie’ Camangyan. Her legacy, indeed, is the legacy of impunity. Camangyan’s death shows how the culture of impunity, which Arroyo thrived on to cling to power, has been…