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No country for old, even young workers

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective The Aquino government, according to its Twitter posts, intends to declare as ‘milestones’: the purported decrease in unemployment and the 13th month pay tax exemptions. Filipinos have a term for this: “consuelo de bobo.” According to data and analysis of Ibon Foundation, the country is still suffering from the worst…

Aquino government’s ‘roadmap’ toward inaccessible higher education

“While it is good that the bicameral committee averted the heftier cut earlier passed by the Lower House and was able to bring down the number of SUCs that will incur budget cuts for 2014 from 79 to the current 26, it is still deplorable to know that there are still schools that will suffer large cuts.” – Kabataan Party Rep. Terry Ridon