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PRESS RELEASE February 28, 2010 The International Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL) reiterates its strong denunciation of the illegal arrest, continued illegal detention, coninuing physical and spychological torture, harassment and inhuman treatment of forty-three (43) Philippine health workers who were abducted by the Philippine military in the morning of February 6, 2010 in Morong,Rizal, Philippines. …

Media Release 26 February 2010 Hard-pressed to substantiate its claims and accusations, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has renewed its pressure and torture tactics to produce so-called “witnesses”. Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) demanded the immediate release if not the immediate transfer to Camp Crame of the illegally detained community health workers as it…

“After the warrantless arrests, the health workers were denied legal counsel and subjected to sleep deprivation and repeated interrogation while blindfolded and handcuffed. Some were tortured and sexually harassed. Are these the alleged feats that the AFP now honors?” decried Dr. Darby Santiago, chairperson of the Health Alliance for Democracy.

Jane was born with a positive point of view. “Jane is the type of person who would always smile even if she has problems,” her mother said. “Whenever I have a problem, she would always say, ‘You can handle it, Ma.’ That is why despite what they are going through she is always smiling and her morale is high. It’s as if we the relatives are the ones in jail.”

The nurse who has been working for 18 years at the Jose Reyes Memorial with good service record as attested to by the hospital itself suddenly became a member of the New People’s Army, according to the military. He was there, the military alleged, not to train health workers how to save lives but how to make bombs.