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“What is happening in Mustad is a textbook case of illegal closure…of capitalists drastically undertaking illegal and anti-worker measures because they are confident the Aquino government won’t lift a finger to harm them,” said Leandro “Ka Doods” Gerodias, KMU deputy secretary-general and president of the Alliance of Democratic Labor Organizations (ADLO).

“We urge the Catholic community to actively participate in crafting a national policy on women’s reproductive health on the framework that full access to healthcare services is a universally recognized right and that population control is never to blame for and should not be a panacea to the country’s worsening poverty.” Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan.

As part of the victory and thanksgiving celebration of Gabriela Women’s Party in relation to the success it achieved in the May elections, a restaging of the satirical fashion show Project RunAway was held on Friday at the Amoranto Theater in Quezon City. Project RunAway Season Finale not only tackled the anomalies in the recently concluded national elections but also focused on the challenges the Aquino administration will face. The show is an allusion to Noynoy’s ‘daang matuwid’ campaign slogan, a dare for him to take the lead by action, not by abstract rhetoric.

Gabriela, the country’s foremost alliance of progressive women’s organizations, has declared March 8, International Women’s Day, as a “day off” for Filipinas, a day to be spent out in the streets, marching, protesting and asserting their rights. “The worsening economic and political crisis under the Arroyo government is burdening women and families more than ever and spurring more women to join collective actions to demand for their rights and welfare,” said Emmi de Jesus, a nominee of the Gabriela Women’s Party.

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News Release 1 March 2010 On March 8, 2010, thousands of women all over the country will take the day off from work, including household chores, to take to the streets and protest the continuing crisis that burdens women and their families. “The worsening economic and political crisis under the Macapagal-Arroyo government is burdening women…

MANILA — Former Navy officer Lt. Senior Grade Mary Nancy Gadian was recognized as a “Woman of Courage” by Gabriela, the most prestigious women’s group in the country, in a simple ceremony this afternoon. Nancy Gadian (left) with Gabriela’s Emmi de Jesus (Photo by Ronalyn V. Olea / bulatlat.com) Gadian is the Navy officer who…

BY Bulatlat.com Posted 7:00 p.m., Apr. 24, 2006 Around 500 members of the women’s group GABRIELA, most of them residents of urban poor communities, held a march earlier today to protest against low wages amid the rising prices of prime commodities. Prices of basic goods and services have soared anew amid the steep rise in…