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The young guards of September 21st

The mobilization provided the exact opportunity to gain perspective and learn about society for among its ranks are national minorities, workers, migrant Filipinos, and delegates from Southern Tagalog, Bicol, and Central Luzon among others. Study circles were an integral part of the mobilization and as soon as the program on the stage started, the youth were quick to settle down to conduct discussions that define fascism and outline the present political situation.

How to self-destruct in a tete-a-tete

His veiled threats are founded on fear. Fear of losing his grip on power, thus, his actions and statements ingratiating himself on the military and the efforts of the administration to tame his tongue. That his administration could not provide solutions to high inflation and rising prices of oil, food and other basic commodities contributes to his further isolation from the broad masses of the Filipino people.