The Context of Political Repression and the Legal Justice System

There is, however, one pending petition, again part of the political persecution against Rep. Ocampo, among other respondents, which is taking a snail pace in Samar. Although not involving arrest and detention, such petitions are, nonetheless, designed to malign and vilify the respondents.

Whether against the progressive forces or the opposition in general, the reason for the government’s resort to “legal offensives” is obvious. It will be politically costly for the Macapagal-Arroyo government to “neutralize” its perceived enemies through extrajudicial execution or abduction.

There is much to be done, however, in thwarting this evil scheme of the Arroyo administration. Modesty aside, we, in PILC were able to successfully defend our clients against politically-motivated cases despite the limited democratic and judicial space. With hard work and extensive preparation, we have seen the dismissal of cases against our clients.

We have an entire team consisting of researchers, consultants and effective pleaders work as one, regularly brainstorming and anticipating the opponent’s moves. We fight our cases not with the cold neutrality of a legal technician, but with passion, commitment and dedication, which is our share in the overall struggle of the Filipino people for genuine change. (

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  1. The Macapagal-Arroyo government in general and the National Security adviser in the unholy person of Norberto Gonzales are bent on eradicating all opposition groups without bothering to look at the reason why opposition forces oppose the administration. What this tact of the administration suggest is a desperate move to dominate the political field in an authoritarian way.

    These "offensives" against progressive and opposition groups clearly follows this marching order: If you can't jail them, kill them.

    Unfortunately, the Macapagal-Arroyo government is already reaping the opposite result of their offensive. More and more people now wants to commit rebellion.

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