Raymond ‘Mong’ Palatino: A Short Bio

All About Mong

As youth leader, Raymond “Mong” Palatino was elected chairman of the University Student Council of UP Diliman in 2000. From the campaign period up to the end of his term, he was called Chairman Mong.

From 2001 to 2003, he served as national president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), the largest alliance of tertiary student councils nationwide.

In 2004, Mong was named “Outstanding Youth Leader for Advocacy on National Concerns” by the United Nations Association of the Philippines.

He was convenor of several youth alliances such as the Education for All (e4all) Movement, Abolish ROTC, Tuition Refund, Youth Action Network against electoral fraud and violence, Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal (Youth Dare), Youth against Charter Change and Tyranny (Y-Chat), Youth for Accountability and Truth Now (Youth Act Now), and TxtPower, a consumer-rights advocacy group.

Mong is often compared to Edgar Jopson, one of the most famous youth leaders in Philippine history. Aside from leadership qualities, some say Mong also has some of the physical attributes of Edjop.

A blogger and writer, Mong writes for several online publications, aside from maintaining his own blog. He is a columnist for tinig.com, former news editor of yehey.com, the regional editor for Southeast Asia and Oceana of the Global Voices Online, and one of the leading members of Bloggers’ Kapihan, an online network of young bloggers.

He and his partner Frances Bondoc have two children: Neil Esmond and Renee Elle.

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  1. Dear Congressman Mong,

    I wonder if you can also extend any assistance and expertise for the Kabataan of Capas, Tarlac. I am the Executive Asst. of Mayor TJ Rodriguez and I am looking for ways and means to get in touch with concerned legislators who could help us in more ways so that we can have some worthy projects for the youth sector in our town. Bests!

  2. keep up the good work!!!!!!!! go kabataan go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Rep. Palatino:

    My name is Mitos Garcia, mother of a call agent at one of the call centers in Quezon City.

    I read about your interest in and concern for call agents, who in some call centers are truly maltreated the way you outlined in that newspaper item that came out recently.

    May I ask to have an appointment with you next week on Tuesday (Sept. 22) or Wednesday (Sept. 23) at a time and place of your convenience, as I have some more information to give you.

    You see, at Convergys the call agents are directed to be CUSTOMER-ORIENTED and so they are expected to grovel and give in to the demands of an abusive customer trying to avoid a bill payment, at the expense of the company's client's interest.

    If a call agent fails to give the customer what he or she wants, the agent is charged with "rudeness" and summarily terminated.

    Middle managers (team leaders and senior team leaders) of some call centers are more concerned about their "score cards" than the welfare of the call agents, so that the latter are not allowed to even take a sick leave EVEN IF THE COMPANY CLINIC INSISTS ON IT (this is especially true in Convergys Commonwealth).

    I hope we can meet. I am very grateful that someone has finally noticed the plight of the harassed and extremely abused call agents. I had hoped that Sen. Mar Roxas would pursue the passage of his bill on call centers, but I guess that is now a lost hope.

    Thank you so much for your interest and kind attention to my request.

    Mitos S. Garcia

    Cell No. 0917-8393911

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