Migrant Group Warns OFWs to be Vigilant as Arroyo Regime’s Dirty Plans Unfold

Press Release
21 March 2010

An alliance of overseas Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East today urges fellow OFWs to be vigilant as the political development in the home front becomes undesirable that may lead towards a chaotic situation and political instability more than a month before the May 2010 elections.

“Not only our families and relatives should be vigilant, OFWs around the world as well; the Arroyo regime’s dirty plans are gradually unfolding by the turn of events in the home front,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

Monterona cited, for instance, the recent Supreme Court decision allowing the de facto President to appoint the next Chief Justice despite the existing and explicit Constitutional provision disallowing her to make such appointment, but her appointee-dominated Supreme Court found its way to allow her to appoint the next SC Chief Justice.

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Monterona said it is quite alarming since the Arroyo clique has been perceived to have a blue print of extending the President’s term or to stay in power via a seat in Congress and thereby control all branches of government paving her and allies to change the Constitution and form of government to parliamentary or create a scenario for her and allies to declare a failure of elections, thereby extending her reign to power in a hold-over capacity and put the entire country under martial law.

“As one could noticed, most of the Arroyo’s cabinet members are now running in Congress most of them un-opposed looking to dominate the new lower house composition so that it could continuously enjoy its support, they even fielded the Arroyos and allies in the party-list system through Malacanang-backed party-list groups accredited by the COMELEC,” Monterona added.

Migrante-ME observed the ruling Arroyo administration was able to open various ways of political maneuvering (read: opportunism) in order to remain in power and take control of the entire government’s bureaucracy in order to evade prosecution of the sins she committed against the Filipino people.

“She has to take continued control of the AFP with the appointment of her trusted Generals in the AFP hierarchy; her administration is also seen to be very eager to appoint the next Chief Justice to replace the current and retiring Chief Justice; she is also running in Congress along with other Arroyos; her former Cabinet members are also vying seat in Congress that even the party-lists system they now consider a playing field; and she is readying for a hold-over reign in the Presidency -this is directed for a single vicious scheme -to take control of the entire government’s bureaucracy,” Monterona observed.

“Our people must be vigilant and must actively participate not only in the elections by not voting candidates who are close allies of the Arroyo regime, by rejecting its pseudo party-list groups, but also by exposing its vicious schemes of holding power beyond her term by controlling practically all the branches of government,” the Migrante leader continued.

“Everyone should take the responsibility of exposing and opposing the evil schemes of the Arroyo ruling clique,” he ended.

John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator

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